Weird “Survival Food” For A Disaster Or Collapse

By Jeff Anderson

When most people think of “survival food”, they think of MRE’s… canned goods… dried foods… etc.  All of these have their place, but there’s one food you may not have thought of… and it’s like solid gold in a disaster or “collapse survival” scenario.  It’s COFFEE!

You see, coffee is one of those staples that so many of us take for granted – until there’s a food crisis!  Not that you and your family are going to be devastated if you don’t get your morning java… but there are many people who would kill for a cup-o-joe during a disaster recovery, when supplies are short.  And what a great item to use for “survival bartering”, eh?

=> See how to survive a collapse here

Imagine what other people would give (food, water, ammo, medical supplies?) for a friendly cup of coffee or some grinds during a time when there’s little food resupply (like during the recent OK tornado disaster).

So here’s your Java Action Plan:

*    Stock up on 3-5 vacuum packed bags of ground coffee for storing with your other survival food supply.

*    Pick up either an old school percolator pot (you can still get these in the camping section of a local department store) or a French Press (try to get past that it’s “French” 🙂

*    Consider buying some bulk green coffee beans.  Whole beans and grinds don’t have a very long shelf life once opened and for longer periods of sustainability, green beans last up to 3 years and you can roast them in a cast iron pot over a fire if needed.  You’ll smell like a Starbucks and have no problems attracting bartering buddies early in the morning! LOL

*    Pick up a manual hand-grinder.  This will work for herbs as well as roasted coffee beans when there’s no electricity to be found like in an electrical grid shut-down or other “collapse survival” scenario.

Bartering is critical to your collapse survival training.  Click here to learn more!   Add this “survival food” to your storage as well as other items for trading during a disaster.

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  • Gottalovechickens! And rabbits! says:

    In the book, “The Long Winter,” by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Ingalls family find themselves ill prepared for the winter. “The Long Winter,for the most part, an accurate description of that winter in De Smet. The Long Winter runs from the fall of 1880 to the spring of 1881, a season of such frequent blizzards that it went down in history as “The Snow Winter”.[1](Wikipedia)

    Although the family moved to town for the winter, they were still dependent upon the railroad to bring goods for the stores. The weather delayed the trains, and then stopped. This turned out to be devastating to the townspeople as they all nearly starved to death. While the stores were being emptied of goods, Pa decided to put in a supply of tea and sugar. Food and heat was in short supply, but the tea lifted their spirits with the added bonus of helping to keep them warm.

    We have been reading her books with the specific purpose of gleaning information. And we have!

    We put up tea, but it wouldn’t hurt to put up a supply of coffee!

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      Yes, those books are a good resource.

  • John R says:

    I have the regular 35 oz containers (plastic or metal according to the brand)stored away. I probably have 10 cans. Are you saying these will go bad?

  • WEIRD food for survival

    Back in Y2K days I started a modest back up of cooking fuel,instant rice & oat-meal, blankets,a 30/30 ect. For my be-loved pet I had dried cat food and a kids 20ga for bird shooting.
    The weird food part come in here. I wonder if the dried pet food wouldn’t be more nourishing for a human then some of the crap instant food.
    To-day I see dried pet food in Wal-mart selling for 50 cents a pound. Lots of nurtirance and fat I never would have got from my food.
    OK, you knew this was comeing… You did bug’s… Tell us about dried/wet pet-food. USA pet food for emergency human food. I mean _ crap! its all-ready dryed food. Thanks, Me’e

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      OK Shannon, you did ask for it.

      I would not eat cat or dog food for one simple reason – it is a highly concentrated form of GMO food. The first or second ingredient in most pet food is GMO corn. The animal by-products that are in pet food are also from the commercial meat supply which is fed corn and soy mostly, and all GMO.

      I rarely buy any dog food for my dogs as they live off of butcher scraps, extra eggs, my food scraps, and what they can scrounge.

      Our cat, which is sorta of a useless animal (sorry to all the cat lovers out there, but she just isn’t a good mouser or anything). We got her from the shelter half grown and the only thing she would eat was purina cat chow in the blue bag. And she started turning into those pictures of rats in experiments with GMO foods; fat and strange lumps on her.

      It took me forever to get that cat to eat raw beef or chicken from clean sources. I went to the trouble of catching gophers for her. She has started mousing a bit now, for which I am grateful.

      But I wouldn’t recommend eating either cat or dog food because of its high toxicity.

  • lhekmot says:

    Well it looks like I’m back to canned food.fish,ect.beans

  • Prepper says:

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    When disaster hits you need to move quickly
    People are starting to PANIC buy
    You need to know what to do
    And Protect your family
    This GUY has seen it first hand
    He survived and is gonna show you how

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