Welcome To The Grow Network Academy

Hi ! Welcome to The Grow Network Academy!

. . . I’m So Glad You’re Here! 🙂

Congratulations! You now have access to the entire Grow Network Academy with an ever-expanding library of high-level eCourses, plus a wealth of e-books, a vault full of archived Inside Edition articles, and so much more!

Are you ready to get started? GREAT!

I know. There is A LOT! So here’s where to start to get your self-sufficiency juices flowing:

Step 1: Get started on your eCourses in the Grow Network Academy

Step 2: Introduce yourself and meet the Community in our bustling online Forum.

Step 3: Watch Our Inside Edition Featured Video: How to Produce Half of Your Food in Your Backyard. In this one, Marjory shows you exactly how you can produce half of your food in your own backyard! Laughs included!

Step 4: Read about Marjory’s adventures in How Rituals Enrich Your Life. In it, she describes the connection between her love of homesteading and the rituals that add depth and meaning to her life.

Step 5: Ready to take your homestead to the next level? Gather ideas and get to work with our extensive Library of Resources.

Step 6: Are chickens in your future? Download and read a copy of 6 Ways to Keep Chickens by Paul Wheaton.

Step 7: In order to stay healthy, check out The Miracle of Garlic and Raw Vinegars Reports.

And finally, let’s get GROWING!

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