Comparing The 6 Ways To Keep Chickens and Which Is Best For You

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  • Pamela Guest says:

    I thought the webinar had good information but was very disappointed that it had to be cut short before Paul started speaking about predator-proofing the chicken area. That was the part I was most interested in, because I can set up multiple paddocks on my property but I cannot supervise the chickens during the day when I am at work, and there are a lot of potential predators in my area. His paddocks in the photos lacked protection from above (and dogs may not deter owls, hawks, and eagles), protection from below (it seemed), and it seemed like certain predators may be able to breach the fencing during the night. I think you should have let him present the entire material. That was one of the webinars that had information that I really wanted and was one reason why I subscribed to unlimited access.

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