The Grow System excerpt, featured by resilience.org

I want people to come together to increase the value and meaning in their own lives. But we’ve got to take the first steps to make that happen!

– a message from Marjory Wildcraft, founder of The Grow Network, author of The Grow System

Over the past decade, she built an international network of over 500,000 people dedicated to self-sufficient living that we call The Grow Network. We are extremely healthy and wealthy people. And our community has provided us all a safe place to access expert content and interact with like-minded people.

We WANT more people to join us to help us get more homegrown food on every table. So we made it even easier for you to get started with us!

All the dots are connected for you, your family, and friends in The Grow System

Marjory teaches you how to work with Mother Nature, not dominate her. Her easy-to-read style helps you stay focused and understand that we CAN drastically change our health in about 15 minutes per day.

  •  Learn how to create a healthy, sustainable environment in your own backyard
  •  Start reaping the benefits of fresh produce by growing your own vegetables at home
  •  Build soil for maximum yield and minimal chance of drought or snow damage
  •  Experience the creative, fulfilling way to spend time outside and be productive

These are the secrets to building wealth.

You can read more of The Grow System here, in this resilience.org a program of Post Carbon Institute feature ➥ https://www.resilience.org/stories/2021-09-10/the-grow-system-excerpt/

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