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Did you know that even the best organic food can contribute to health problems if it's not digested well?

Are you overlooking the superpowers found in your spice rack?

You may be surprised to ​know that no matter how home grown, fresh, organic, or otherwise awesome​ your food is, it's toxic in your body if you don't digest it well.

​​Kami McBride
​​Master Herbalist, Author, and Creator of Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions

Kami’s easy-to-apply presentation shows you how ​to activate your spice rack to get the most nutrition possible from your food so you too can enjoy greater vitality and wellness, a little bit every day (and I promise you’ll be amazed by how, over time, these simple methods really add up to one of the most effective and proactive healthcare actions you can take).

Dive deep into your kitchen spices and discover the role culinary herbs and spices have in ensuring proper nutrition by supporting digestion and how integral they are to your natural healthcare plan.

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  • ​7 Common spices that improve digestion.
  • ​30-Second home remedy tips to help you get your spice rack working for you right away.
  • ​What a “carminative herb” is and why you need them with every meal.
  • ​The power of oregano to keep colds away – and make your meals delicious!
  • ​What happens when you don’t use kitchen spices and why eating healthy is not enough.

​Kami's presentation originally aired during the 2018 Fall Home Medicine Summit and we rarely offer these presentations for free​ after the Summits are over . . . but, ​for a limited time, I'm making the full ​presentation available to you ​for FREE during your personal 72 hour showing.

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​​"​​Create a simple shift in your kitchen culture that will add up to being an effective and proactive healthcare plan for your whole family." 

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