A Grow Network Community Experiment . . .

Does Blessing Your Seeds Make A Difference?

Most of us bless our seeds and talk to our plants, but does it really matter?  Does your blessing somehow help the little seeds come to life?  Is there really power in your focused thoughts?  Do your good intentions make a difference?

Or are you just wasting your time with useless ‘woo woo’ . . .

I believe in the power of intention.  

I believe that your blessings do matter.     

I believe that focused thoughts make a difference.

I like to think of the analogy of light.  Light, by itself, only illuminates. But combine many streams of light into a focused beam and you’ve got a laser that can cut through steel.

As a community, could the Grow Network Community come together to focus our thoughts and affect the physical world – like a laser?  

To explore this question, I have conducted some tests in the past to see if we can measure a significant difference on plant growth when our community comes together to focus on a tray of seeds.  Could we see a significant difference between seeds that are blessed versus those that were not?

Well, our efforts were in conclusive (turns out it's really hard to run "scientific" tests when you've only got a spare bedroom and some seed trays to test with.

So, we're looking for help!

We're looking for Universities, professionals, and really, anyone with climate-controlled space and the curiosity to help us test our hypothesis further.

Want to Participate?

We do not currently have any Seed Blessing tests scheduled.

However, we're always on the lookout to begin more testing under the right conditions.

If you would like to be notified when any new tests are scheduled, register with the form below.

And, if you know someone with a climate-controlled space, and the know-how to adhere to strict testing protocols, please reach out to us directly at happiness@thegrownetwork.org.

Can focused thoughts and prayers, from a large group of remote people, make a measurable difference on the seedling's growth?  

Let’s find out!

Register today, and once further testing is scheduled, I’ll send you and invitation to join us:

Let’s Make History Together!

Sign up below to participate in future Seed Blessing Experiments

This is going to be interesting.

See you on the other side 😊 


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