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smoothie-ingredientsGrowing one’s own food sources can come through many avenues. I’m a city girl. Big time. Okay, very big time. I like painted nails, cute clothes… and air conditioning. Wait. I love air conditioning. And, to add to my aversion to the non-air conditioned outdoors, we live in a covenant restricted community where “everything” is prohibited.

But, I’m also a big time lover of good health, wellness, and real organic whole foods. So, I get creative!

In my kitchen, I can “grow” some incredibly nutrient dense foods… without chipping my nail polish… or break a sweat!

Growing sprouts in a jar atop my counter takes mere seconds a day. Soak, rinse, repeat. Alfalfa sprouts not only supply super-dense nutrients, but the seeds are so easily stored and have a near-limitless shelf life. Easy peasy!

Homemade kefir is another way to improve your nutrition indoors in mere seconds a day. Kefir yields mega amounts of nutrition that far exceeds yogurt. After the first 24 hours of fermentation, strain the grains and place the kefir back in the jar. Put it in a cabinet for another 24 hours. This takes the nutrition level to incredible heights. And, guess what. Those painted nails are still beautiful… and, once again, I haven’t broken a sweat! Isn’t this fun?

ground-orange-peelsWhen I spend my hard-earned money on organic food, I want to get the absolute most out of it. Since there is far more vitamin C in the pith of the orange than in the flesh, I air dehydrate the peel for a few days, then powder them in a coffee grinder that I have designated for seeds, skins, etc. It then becomes a great nutritional boost to homemade, whole grain bread products and also acts as a great texturizer. And in smoothies? Ahhh… that hint of orange is scrumptious and nutritious! But, the kicker here… again… it only takes a few seconds here and there to gain a powerhouse of nutrition.

And, finally… eggshells. Rather than toss that pile of organic calcium in the trash, I boil, dry, then powder them to add to smoothies and homemade toothpaste. Once again, this takes a few seconds at each stage. The added bonus? Right. Air conditioning and pretty nails.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my few little tips to “grow your own groceries.” Bottom line, find what works for you and do it. We live in a world where uniqueness is still legal. Find yours and go for it! Right after you paint your nails and crank up the AC.

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