A former professional real estate investor, and leading survival food production consultant, Marjory Wildcraft reveals…

Find Your Safe Haven That Will Keep Your Family Safe, Healthy, And Happy...

No Matter What Crisis Or Collapse Is Happening Out There.

Have you ever thought about the need to relocate your family to a safe haven for survival during a time of crisis or collapse? If so, then you are in the right place and I encourage you to read on. I promise to not waste your time . . . 

Most financial experts say there is a very strong chance that we are facing a second recession in the next 12 months that will make the first recession of 2008 look like a warm-up lap.

Increased unemployment, slashed entitlement programs from a broke government, inflation, skyrocketing fuel costs, and more powerful natural disasters, create the perfect storm for our next domestic crisis.

​We're facing potentially catastrophic issues on many other fronts too. The world is at a critical mass tipping point forcing us to pay attention to . . .

  • Natural disasters of increasing severity
  • ​New diseases that ​easily turn pandemic
  • Growing instability throughout many Countries
  • Looming global financial crisis
  • Over stressing of systems, such as power, water, food supply, our society depends on
  • Threat of war and famine due to dwindling resources
  • Internal policies that will force a dramatic spike in the cost of living

When you think about it, it really doesn't matter if one, two, or all of these threats to our safety and security become a reality.

The outcome will be the same . . .

Not Having A Crisis Safe Haven Is Like Jumping Out Of A Plane Without A Parachute . . .
“The ride down as fast, out-of-control, scary, and it will kill you

Did you know there are estimates that more than 4 million American families are now beginning to prepare for a major disaster by moving their families to a safe location? And unlike building a bug out bag or cashing food and water supplies, finding a retreat location can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. 

You must be prepared to provide for your family during and after a crisis event takes place.

​If you are not, you are making your family a sitting duck . . .

​​There is good news though​! A secure, crisis survival safe haven can be​:

​East to Find
​Fast to Get
​Quick to Setup

But first . . . Let's talk about one of the biggest rookie mistakes when first thinking about a crisis survival safe haven.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie or a seasoned prepper, when you first started thinking about a bug out retreat, or survival safe haven, you probably envisioned in your mind something very, very remote . . .

Far, far away from everybody else.

I get it.

I thought the exact same thing, and actually followed through on it and bought a very remote piece of land and moved my family out there . . .

Today I will share with you some of the lessons learned from that mistake, and show you the shortcuts learned from those lessons to find the perfect location. One that was realistic for my family to live on, while providing everything we needed.

If You're Considering Far Away, Rural Living, Some Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Are​:
Who will your children hang out with?
Who will you trade or barter for extra supplies?
Who will sew you up after you accidentally lacerate yourself chopping wood or some other accident?
Who will help you fight off a gang of rogue mafia claiming to be the new government?
Who will you relate with, share with, and laugh with, outside of your family?

Truth is, we are a social species, and we need interaction with other people.

While the Mad Max, rural style survival living, might seem attractive as a self-reliant individual . . . You can trust me that once you put yourself, and your family, in that situation it becomes miserable very, very fast.

On the other hand, did you know that over half of the US population lives within 7 miles of a direct threat to their safety and don't even know it? (Or chooses not to pay attention to it). ​Highly populated areas leave only two options for the unprepared when crisis hits, and systems collapse . . .

  1.   FEMA Camps, which are no vacation resort. There are stories of robbing, looting, raping, and even murder taking place inside of these camps. And the fact that you are here means that you would never want to subject your family to these conditions.
  2.   Once desperate, people will take to roaming the streets like roving bandits. Looking for the next scrap of food that they can rob or plunder from anyone who gets in the way of them providing for their families.

So . . . you must consider population when looking for your crisis survival safe haven.

And let me warn you . . .

If you think you can just hop on the Internet and start googling populations looking for some rural town to run out to and scoop up some cheap land, be aware . . .

There is much more that weighs in on this decision.

You must consider variables such as​:

  • Water Rights - Just because a property may have water on it, doesn't always mean you can use it . . .
  • Foliage - How much of your safe haven is going to be openly viewable by all who pass by?
  • Access - Know everything you need to determine if you'll have legal access to your property. 
  • Surroundings - ​What you must consider when evaluating the social and physical climate of ​potential locations. ​​​
  • Soil Type - ​Learn an easy way to determine soil composition, and gain insight on how you can improve less-than-perfect soils. ​​​
  • ​Plus, a host of other aspects that I will share with you.
“Marjory offers an astonishingly detailed overview of self-sufficient skills.  Highly Educational.” 
​- Thomas Elpel, Author of Botany in a Day

Now if this all sounds like a lot, believe me it is . . .

I know because I've already gone through it.

I spent the last two decades involved in real estate, and as a leading consultant in the self-reliant, prepper space. I have consulted hundreds of people on identifying, locating, and securing their perfect survival retreat.

I have taken everything that I have learned over the many years and distilled it down the seven best shortcuts that you should use when defining, locating, and buying the perfect survival retreat for you and your family.

Marjory Wildcraft 7 Shortcuts to Find the Perfect Survival Retreat

​“​7 Shortcuts To Finding The Perfect Survival Retreat”

In this concise guide I will reveal the ​7 secrets that I learned in over two decades of real estate and survival involvement, to finding the perfect crisis survival safe haven. 

Here is just a sample of what you get in this ​guide…

  • ​The top 9 regions known for self-reliance, and why they are chosen by most preppers
  • ​​How something as trivial as a wiener dog race can help you find the perfect town for your family and why
  • ​​My golden nugget resource for finding cheap, self-reliant, hand tools for everyday tasks
  • ​​The Big Compromise: How you and your spouse can have it all, and sacrifice nothing, no matter how different your preparation views​
  • ​​3 Simple steps to finding your perfect retreat
  • ​How to plan for living beyond your stockpile
  • ​​4 Biggest threats that must influence your decision on where to relocate
  • ​​How to teach your children about your survival safe haven without scaring them
  • ​How Close is Too Close: What direction should you locate when a nuclear plant is present
  • ​The best climate to relocate to
  • ​​How far from town should you relocate to
  • ​and much much more

Included in this in-depth ​guide is everything that you need to avoid the pitfalls and traps of shopping for rural real estate in areas and regions you may not be familiar with.

Let me be your guide to safely, and surely, find the perfect retreat to protect you and your family.

Over the last eight years families have spent thousands of dollars for my consulting services helping them locate and secure their perfect crisis survival safe haven. This guide is a compilation of all my best information that I use when helping these families.

It's A Known Fact . . .
​Shopping for real estate in unfamiliar territory is like swimming with the sharks!

The lessons learned over the last decade have cost me years of my life and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. And I know I could easily offer this course for $​250 and sell out of it every single day.

But that is not what I want to do. This is been truly a labor of love for me. And if you know me from any of my other best-selling courses, you already know that I am more about getting this information into as many of the right hands as possible, to help as many families as possible avoid the pain that is coming.

That is why I'm going to make this course available to you, today only, for only $100.

That's right, only $100 for you to have the confidence in choosing the perfect survival retreat for your family, and avoid wasting thousands on property with hidden fatal flaws.

​This guide is optimally for people who:

Can live anywhere (you have an independent income stream).
Want to stay withing the US (I am not knowledgeable enough about international moves yet).
​Expect the coming collapse to be long-term. (If you're only preparing for a few weeks or months, you can ride that out almost anywhere).

So it this point you might be wondering, could you take the information learned from this letter, get on the Internet, and start searching around and find this information yourself . . . ?

And truth be told, if you are really good at searching online, and know all of the back-door survivalists blogs, you probably could.

But . . .

You stand a good chance of falling for wrong information put out there by people who are selling the fear, and not using the gear.

There are a lot of snake oil salesman, and survival wannabe’s, putting a spin game on the same old garbage. If you fall for one of these charlatans, you will find yourself wasting time, losing money, and putting your family in jeopardy.

​If you leverage the 25+ hours it would take you to find just a fraction of the information that I've already compiled in this complete report, against the $100 that it will cost you to get immediate access and have all the information in your fingertips right now…

It seems like a no-brainer decision to me.

​Get ​the 7 Shortcuts To Finding The Perfect Survival Retreat guide now and get started down the path of securing your family's safety with​ your own, carefully chosen safe haven.

I truly believe everyone needs these skills . . .

​. . . So not only am I giving away the ​guide for a discounted price, I’m also guaranteeing your satisfaction with a 100% money back guarantee.

You’ll have 60 days to read the whole guide and apply the knowledge to ​your search for the perfect survival retreat.  If you’re not blown away by the caliber of the training provided, you can contact me for a complete refund, no questions asked.

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