(video) Re-Wilding At A Primitive Skills Gathering – Winter Count

Have you ever dreamed of just going off into the wilderness and living free and wild with the plants and animals?  Sounds great until you get hungry, cold, or thirsty.  Uh, exactly how do you do make fire, find food and water, make shelters, stay warm?  Our ancestors did this as a way of life.  But few people have that knowledge anymore.  Is there a place where could you possibly learn these skills today?

Well there are gathering of people who keep this wisdom alive and offer it to anyone who is interested.  Primitive skills gatherings are becoming more and more popular as people seek to reconnect with our birthright of living on this planet.

If you’ve ever thought of going to one, or are simply curious about what it is like, check out this visual trip.  This presentation will show you the


  • camp facilities
  • who typically attends
  • how meals are handled
  • what kind of workshops, classes, or presentations you are likely to find
  • recreation, fun, games, music, and shopping possibilities. It’s not for everyone, but I l but I have a great time at them.






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This post was written by Marjory


  • Jana says:

    I’m probably in the “not for everyone” category (health challenges), but I found this video delightful.

  • Michael says:

    Great job on a very informative video! My family has been attending for years, the two people in the foreground of the archery shooting pic are my son and daughter. It’s definitely one of the best ways to spend a week that I know of. Thank you Marjory for putting it together.

  • Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting video with your subscribers. I always learn something new from everything you send to my e-mail. Great job.

  • Dave says:

    Thank you Marjory for this gift. You are generous with your time. Very interesting stuff. I had no idea such events take place or that there are so many people that take such an interest.

  • Mike63Denver says:

    We attract saints and angels from heaven because we undermine any lapses in humility.

  • Nancy says:

    Thanks for the video. I hope to attend one of these, someday soon.

  • MG says:

    Loved your presentation, appreciate the work you did. One suggestion-
    raise the recording volume; had to strain to hear it and missed some areas altogether, tho my volume & video volume were at 100%. Thanks Marjorie!

  • Hi Marjory,
    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been attending/teaching at various earthskills events for 20 years now.

    There is an Earthskills Gathering in North Carolina this month, March 25-29. Here is the website: http://www.piedmontearthskillsgathering.com/

    We’d love it if you could spread the word!

  • terry g says:

    Thanks for the primitive skills article and the quail download. I camped here in south Bexar County during less frigid days in early February, after I finally got my meter loop connected. Now I’m digging a trench among unfriendly underbrush to bring the power lines closer. Eventually I will put your great info on growing your own groceries to use, as I find a way to erect a shelter for staying on my site. I love what you do and what you stand for – Terry G

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