Product Review: “Disaster Medicine” DVD and Kit

I just finished watching a review copy of the video set “Mastering Your Med Kit” created by The Prepper Project.

I will confess, both my daughter and I are first-aid kit fanatics.  We love them.  All the bandages, tweezers, splits, bits, and pieces.  We have fun organizing it all into various pockets and pouches.

And we use our medical kit a lot too.  Our family plays really rough on trips and vacations – at least one person getting sick or injured is an everyday thing.

My daughter and I also like cutting up a piece of chicken just to suture it back together again.  *Uh, we don’t serve it to the family at dinner like that…  LOL).  The skill has come in handy when I got to stitch up a neighbors dog.  It wasn’t a big emergency, but sure saved the time and expense of a vet bill.

From my experience, most medical kits on the market are only focused on superficial first aid.

Or if they do have more in-depth items, the assumption is that you’ll be getting to a hospital pretty quickly.  FEMA, Red Cross, and even Wilderness First Aid trainings (all of which i have completed) assume you are going to get the person to a medical treatment center fairly quickly.

The “Mastering Your Med Kit” video is not focused on everyday type issues – like headaches or bug bites.  It is for worst case, disaster stuff.  It is primarily for the “when there is no doctor” kind of situation.

It is the kind of information that as a prepper, you really want to know.

If you already have a good stash of supplies and some training then I do not recommend the video set or kit.  Or, if you are on a severe budget and a true DIY’er, then steer clear.

But if you are starting from ground zero with no supplies and no training, and you want to get the security of some basic skills and a good assortment of supplies, then this is an excellent place to start.

I know that skills trump stuff any day.  And, I am still a big believer in having the medical supplies around even if I don’t completely know how to use them.  There are lots of people with medical training.  Having the supplies will probably be the bigger issue.

Even if no one is there and it’s just me – I could probably do well enough on my own.  But I sure what to have the right equipment and some good references.

The DVD starts out by showing you an example of a good prepper medical kit that has a lot of the pieces you’ll need for major traumas that are likely to arise.  Things like major wounds, excessive bleeding, broken bones, burns, eye problems, and even tooth injuries.

The video takes you through each piece of the kit and shows you how to use it.  Dr. David Pruett is a board certified physician that guides us through the video, and we learn as Dr. Pruett shows student Chet Womach each piece and how to use it.  You may have met Dr. Pruett at a prepper expo where he teaches suturing classes.  He is a well known medical expert in the preparedness community.

This is serious disaster medicine.  And, Dr. Pruett is careful to show you medical techniques that you can actually learn – without having to get a medical degree.

The set also comes with a video showing you how to suture wounds, and a suture pack for you to practice with.

Now I told you right up front that I am a med kit fanatic.  This is a good solid product and I went ahead and purchased the the full medical set they offer.  One thing I know I’ll get out of it is my daughter and I will love playing with it!  Its a great way to keep us both empowered that we can handle whatever comes our way.

If you are a prepper with no medical training, and no medical supplies on hand, and you want to remedy that situation quickly – then this DVD set and the kit will get you started and give you a good foundation.

Click here to pick up a copy of the DVD and med kit

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This post was written by Marjory


  • Lyn McDonald says:

    I tried to order the medical DVDs that were offered in this e-mail
    I went thru the order process but it would not “take”. The order would not accept my information etc.

    I do want the medical information and practice material.

    Please help.

    Lyn P.McDonald

    1. Jason Macek says:


      Feel free to email me directly. jason@growyourowngroceries.org and I can help.

  • Jim says:

    A fairly decent medical kit was outlined in the urban master DVD’s, with a lot of other stuff as well. Another great source of free training is to join your local CERT team.



    1. Oh Good! Thank You Jim for offering some help for those who are on a tight budget.

  • Sharon says:

    Sure glad to see a comprehensive set of videos on real emergencies but it is too pricy for me. I would need a deep discount to afford it. Thanks

  • Bob says:

    I absolutely hate the kind of sales pitches in the video you linked to. I have no idea WTF these people are offering because I’m not going to sit through an endless sales pitch that never actually tells you anything specific about what they are actually offering and how much it costs. Basically this kind of video is designed to keep baffling you with bs until you hit the “add to cart” button, which is the only way to get out of the video.

    Any honest person would have given you a way to fast forward through the presentation and/or provided you with the basic things you need to know about their product/service, like a detailed list of what is included and how much it costs.

    I suggest you do yourself a favor and stop doing business with people who put out sales pitches like this. Even if their product/services were high quality and useful, they present themselves like shysters and I for one wouldn’t do business with any one this dishonest. By putting your name behind these people you damage your own reputation. Which is a shame because you actually have a lot to offer people.


    1. Jason Macek says:

      They have options available for those who dont have time to watch the presentation.


    2. Hi Bob,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Yes, the products are good. And I too was concerned about the marketing. I’ll tell you it is a bit of a struggle to know what to do sometimes. This particular promotion has me thinking a lot about our core values – did this meet them entirely?

      I can’t quite put my finger on it, but have to agree I have a lot of resonance with your comment.

      And thank you so much for your Kind words about my work.

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