(video) Positions Available at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

Here is an amazing opportunity to live and work in the field of sustainability. The Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute has several openings for individuals or families to live on-site growing their own food and developing sustainable businesses.

Serious individuals with a long-term commitment to developing a career and living a lifestyle of growing food and medicine are sought for these possible openings;
– hebalist
– edible nursery
– carpenter

The Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute is located above beautiful Basalt Colorado. The facility has on-site living quarters, 5 passively heated greenhouses, established and highly productive food forests, several sources of water on-site, sauna, composting toilet, and a long history of service to the surrounding communities.

Watch the video below to meet Jerome Osentowski, the founder of the Institute, watch the other video where he discusses the food forests (available here), then visit the CRMPI’s website at http:www.crmpi.org to learn more and to contact Jerome.

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This post was written by Marjory


  • Marjory I am so excited to come across this video. I am very interested in getting involved in something like this and just told my husband last night that I want to move to CO! My how the Lord works in mysterious ways! I will be checking out the website right away.

  • Geo says:

    I paid for an ebook about a month ago and you guys refuse to send me a password. Is this a scam website or it’s legit? There is this person Jamie Jones (probably a fake name) who is playing tricks on the email with me.

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