Off-Grid Survival Digital Toolkit

The Skills You Need For When The Emergency Lasts A Long Time 

Hyperinflation, devastating floods, supply chain failures, extreme heat and cold, a global pandemic, wildfires, drought, dollar devaluation, power outages, food shortages, water contamination . . .

The 2020's have not started out well for most of us.

I’ve been prepared for decades. I knew disruptions were on the horizon. But, I never thought some of what we've experienced would happen so quickly . . .

Not too long ago, my elderly mother died peacefully in her sleep.  Of course, I knew it was going to happen sometime (she was 93 years old and bed-ridden).  But when it actually did happen, although it wasn’t a surprise, it certainly was a shock. 

I’ve known for many years the crisis we are facing now would happen.  And, like my mom dying, it wasn’t a surprise, but it still is a shock.

I bet it’s a shock for you, too. 

The worst of it is, there's no end in sight . . .

And it's all only likely to get worse as our "modern" systems continue to fail us.

When Crazy friends aren’t so crazy

For the past two decades I have been completely obsessed with figuring out how to live well when there is major chaos and change going on in the world.

To learn how to survive – thrive even – when the world is falling apart, you don’t go to Martha Stewart. 

You don’t tune in to the Kardashians, and you don’t look to Beyonce.

I’ve sought out and spent time with people who live in the backwoods, way far away from civilization. 

Some of these people don’t smell good, they often have lots of unkempt body hair, and the clothes they wear are more functional than fashionable.  What looks like junk to us, is a treasure to them.  They are not normally the kind of people you want to hang out with.  Everything from nomads, hunter-gathers, rednecks, hermits, dumpster divers, hardcore survivalists, and barefoot crazies.

In fact, most ‘normal’ people go to great lengths to avoid these outcasts.  But, I’m so grateful that I’ve befriended these crazy people.  And, I’m so grateful that they have followed the beat of a different drum and kept alive some super important skills. 

And you know what?  Most of them are unaffected by what is going.

For the most part, they are healthy and well-fed.  

Some of them live so far out, they don’t even know what is going on right now.

Primitive Skills

For the past decade, my daughter and I have also attended primitive skills gatherings.  These are places where you can learn the skills ancient hunter-gathers all knew.  How to tan skins with just the brains of the animal, how to navigate by the stars, how to purify water, how to hunt, and how to make medicine from plants. 

I remember back before 2008 when being called a “Prepper” was a big insult. 

But, I didn’t care. 

I developed more skills and began teaching others . . .

In 2003 I earned my Permaculture Design Certificate.

In 2009 I created DVD on how to grow food that went viral. 

In 2013 I was featured by National Geographic as an expert in survival and preparedness in the second season of their hit series “Doomsday Preppers”.

In 2017 I was featured in an award-winning Reuters contest on food sustainability.

In 2019 I was added to Who’s Who In America® for all the backyard gardens I’ve helped create.   (Yes, it really surprised me too . . .  I mean, isn’t that list only for big politicians and famous actors?)

And, while I don’t know if you are ever really prepared . . . I do have some skills. 

Can I help you pick out the best gun for personal defense?

No, that is not what I am about. 

Yes, I do understand that as things deteriorate, there will be more violence. 

And, yes, I do have guns, ammo, and the skills to use them.  Yes, absolutely.

I am also training in Shotokan Karate and JuJitsu.  I am a huge believer in practicing situational awareness.

Yes, the world is likely to get much more dangerous. 

But, one of the truths about long term survival in hard times is that you are far more likely to die from starvation than from a bullet. 

And, while I recognize the dangers, I am primarily about working together and building community.

The skills most overlooked are the ones you most desperately need

I grew up in the South.  In high school I loved to play sports and I was also in the chorus.  Our teachers and coaches would often stop the bus on field trips to visit historical sites.  Many of those sites were battle fields from the Civil war.

The focus was always on the men: who fought, who died, who won.

I always wondered: what did the women and children do during those times?  

Who kept those men fed, made medicines, treated their wounds, managed the farms and ranches while the strongest were off fighting?  

How did families survive when the cupboards were bare and the tools melted down for weapons?

The focus of a crisis is often on the flashy news, the ‘war’, and the violence.  The media is famous for saying “if it bleeds, it leads”.

But, how do you handle the day-to-day of real life?  How do you feed your family when the shelves are empty?  How do you clean a wound when there is no doctor?  How do you make shoes so you aren’t hobbled?  How do you live when the fridge is out?  Where can you find wild foods?  How do you preserve food when you find a bounty?

In our modern age, who knows these skills and how can you acquire them?

Skills transfer from people who really live this

I knew that someday the skills, stories, and wisdom from all my crazy friends would someday be very important.  Over two decades I’ve collected what I could learn from them.  Sometimes I only got the info holding a hand-held video while out in the bush, sometimes I had a video producer create beautiful footage, and sometimes I talked them through the technology of how to create a powerpoint presentation. 

And, I’ve managed to record a lot of really useful stuff.

This is raw, real, and powerful information.

What I’ve collected, I have gathered in the package of presentations I am calling the “Off-Grid Survival Toolkit”.

The Off-Grid Survival Digital Toolkit

The Off-Grid Survival Toolkit is a digital set of 27 unique presentations covering crucial topics related to living, and thriving, during an extended emergency. 

Each presentation is anywhere from 38 minutes to well over an hour. 

You will digitally receive both video and audio files for each presentation, plus full PDF transcripts. 

And of course, it is all fully downloadable.

Here are the categories and topics I've gathered up for you:


Emergency 1st Aid: How To Assess Injured Bodies If 911 Isn’t Coming
Jed Adamson

The Coming Antibiotics Apocalypse
Mike Adams

Herbal Treatment Of Wounds And Lacerations
Dr. Patrick Jones

Medicinal Plants: The Apocalypse Apothecary
Dr. Patrick Jones

50 Shades Of Blue, Natural Remedies For Our Daily Angst And Anxiety
Deb Swanson

Pioneer Skills

What It’s Like To Attend A Primitive Skills Gathering
Marjory Wildcraft

Property Purchase Checklist
Geoff Lawton

Understanding And Predicting Your Weather
Capt’n Dave

Home Death Care: Reclaiming The Healing Power Of Death
Dani Lavoire

How To Make Your Own Tarahumara-Style Sandals
Doug Simons

Buckskin Clothing: A Beautiful Working Wardrobe From Your Backyard
Woniya Thibeault

Food Production

Predator ID: Who Killed Your Chicken?
Justin Rhodes

10 Strategies For Growing Food In A Changing Climate
Marjory Wildcraft

Secret Greenhouse Of Survival
Rick Austin

Compost Everything (Even Your Enemies)
David the Good

Free Chicken Feed: 3 DIY Systems For Growing Insects For Your Girls
Anne-Marie "Dash" Miller


Harvesting And Using Acorns: The 10 Minute Method
Scott Sexton

Botany In A Day
Tom Elpel

24 Of The Most Useful Wild Plants
Martin Payne

Beginners Guide To Hunting Deer For Food
Jackson Landers

Road Kill: How To Judge The Edibility Of Found Meat
Red Louvish

Food preparation

How To Cook On A Woodburning Stove

Cooking With A Rocket Oven
Paul Wheaton

Cooking With The Power Of The Sun
Paul Munsen

Food preservation

How To Build An On-Farm Smokehouse
Meredith Leigh

How To Preserve Food With Water Bath and Pressure Canning
Kendra Lynne

Living Without Refrigeration
Woniya Thibeault

Here is what these people want you to know . . . 

Great presentations! Informative! Learned so much! Thank you, and please continue the excellent work Marjory!


Dear Marjory, I just want to say with the greatest of gratitude and admiration: THANK YOU! You have produced something truly powerful and, in my humble opinion, beneficial and good not only for people like myself but for our life-giving home. Your practical but sincere respect for all things living in your background was inspiring. Many blessings and gratitude from me. I am so encouraged by your gentle, decisive teaching. I can do this!

Peter Arena

This is the best video I've seen on how to become self-reliant.  There just isn't anything like it out there.   What they present is hard won information gathered from actually living it.  Growing your own food is a critical part of being a prepper and this video will save you years of time.

Jack Spirko Host of The Survival Podcast

This is such great information. We need more private citizens doing this. There is way too much conflict of interest present in the government.


I absolutely love what you folks are turning out and sharing with us. You have soooo much valuable information. I believe there is going to come a day in the near future, when everyone will want to do this. You have a great group of teachers there, which I love and appreciate--so down-to-earth and practical~ You have my greatest respect am here to to support you in any way I can.


Beth S.

I am so proud to be a part of this group because I believe we are being lied to, scammed, and being fed “poison” through our foods. I am very grateful to have you bringing this information.


Wow. These are the most comprehensive videoe on sustainable living that I have seen, that not only offers a template for those who are just getting started, but also provides a variety of new ideas for even the well seasoned homesteader.

Tom Martin Founder of American Preppers Network

Hi Marjory! I am Maureen from Hillside, NJ. I just had to stop my busyness and drop you a line: Can I just say, that you are just a DELIGHT !!! I try to read everyone of your e-mails with all the wonderful growing tips and other important info, and I love the presentations you create. Thank you so much.


I enjoyed these creative presentations, thank you. I was most interested in the chicken feed and worm composting. Great job!


Plus, I've Got 7 Bonus eBooks For You

I just really wanted to make sure you had these.  They aren’t videos so they didn’t quite fit into the package above. 

I am just tossing them in. 

You’ll need them.

Oh, I’ve had a LOT of people tell me the digital eBook on finding the perfect survival retreat alone is worth more that the value of the entire bundle. 

One more thing, 4th graders love reading the Snakebite! story.  Be sure to share this one with your kids and grand-kids!

7 Shortcuts To Finding The Perfect Survival Retreat
A $250 Value

How Much Land Do You Need To Be Food Self-Reliant
A $30 Value

Snakebite!: How I Treated A Venomous Snakebite At Home
A $30 Value

Simple & Effective Watering Systems For Small Livestock
A $15 Value

Garlic: Your First Home Medicine
A $15 Value

How To Tan A Rabbit Hide
A $15 Value

25 Herbs For Emergencies & Survival
A $25 Value

An offer so unbelievable, you can't refuse

The full value of this information is priceless.

It has taken me years to gather and record these presentations. The time, the travel, developing the relationships, and extensive testing . . .

Google is completely clueless when it comes to truly gaining these kinds of skills. 

And, good luck wading through all the crap on YouTube. 

A friend suggested that each presentation should be valued at $30 each, which would make a total value of $810.

But, that’s ridiculous right now. 

I know times are tough.

I know you are in a difficult spot.

I know you are worried.

How much do you think this information is worth to you?

As always, your purchase today is backed by our simple but honest 100% money-back guarantee. There are no special exclusions. No weird restrictions or catches to worry about. 

I want you to be happy with your purchase.

So if you’re anything short of completely satisfied, simply let us know within 60 days for a complete refund of monies paid.

And we’ll swiftly and kindly process your refund, without hassle.

Because that’s how we like to be treated. So that’s how we’ll treat you, too!

These skills, stories, and wisdom from all my crazy friends will help you create a sense of calm in your life as you regain the knowledge of how to rely on yourself, especially when everything seems to be falling apart.

My Off-Grid Survival Toolkit represents over two decades of extensive (and often expensive) training I have learned along my own journey to self-sufficiency. I believe these skills will only become more important as we wade through rough times.

Remember, this is raw, immediately useful, and powerful information.


As always, your purchase today is backed by our simple but honest 100% money-back guarantee. There are no special exclusions. No weird restrictions or catches to worry about. 

I want you to be happy with your purchase.

So if you’re anything short of completely satisfied, simply let us know within 60 days for a complete refund of monies paid.

And we’ll swiftly and kindly process your refund, without hassle.

Because that’s how we like to be treated. So that’s how we’ll treat you, too!

Marjory Wildcraft Signature

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of the Grow Network, which is the online home of a global community of people who are producing their own food and medicine.  The purpose of the Grow Network is to stop the destruction of the Earth.  "Homegrown food on every table" is a solution. 

Marjory has been featured as an expert on sustainable living by National Geographic, she has hosted Mother Earth New’s “Online Homesteading Summit”, is a returning guest on many national radio and tv programs such as Coast to Coast AM.

She is also the author of several books, but is best known for her "Grow Your Own Groceries" video series, which is used by more than 500,000 homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

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