Lehman’s – How To Cook On A Woodburning Stove

Lehman’s – How To Cook On A Woodburning Stove

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Big Ideas & Takeaways: 

  • How to cook on a wood burning stove.
  • Different types of wood cook stoves.
  • How to light a wood cook stove.
  • Cooking differences on wood stoves versus gas or electric.
  • How to maintain a wood stove to last for generations!


  • Tips to make sure your food turns out perfect!
  • The parts, accessories, and features available for wood cook stoves.


About the Speaker:

Eva Sibert and Amanda Burt are wood cook stove experts at Lehman’s, on the square in Kidron. Both enjoy preparing snacks, desserts and baked goods on the wood cook stoves in Lehman’s retail store. They are passionate about simple living and enjoy serving the food they create to customers and employees.

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