Deb Swanson – 50 Shades of Blue: Natural Remedies for Our Daily Angst and Anxiety

Deb Swanson – 50 Shades of Blue, Natural Remedies for Our Daily Angst and Anxiety

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Big Ideas & Takeaways:  

We all have our unique life history that has led us to the present and we all have our own unique way of how we deal with our particular quality of stress, anxiety and depression. In this talk we will discuss herbs and homeopathy that can be the foundation of your emotional well being first aid kit. This is beautifully illustrated as we move through each slide of the specific herbs to be discussed and symptom picture.

This is a hands-on, easily digestible talk for both lay person and herbalist.

  • What is the unique shade of our angst and anxieties?
  • What herbs and homeopathy best fit specific symptom pictures
  • How do we best support our selves during times of stress with tools in our pockets
  • Herbs and natural remedies are safe and effective alternatives to prescription medication

About the Speaker:

Debra Swanson is the founder and owner of Dancing Willow Herbs in Durango, Colorado. Dancing Willow was opened in late 1991 and has been a pioneer for herbalism in the four corners. The store has been the heart of community herbalism serving and educating many of thousands of people for a variety of health concerns, Dancing Willow has had a strong commitment to local sustainability, as well as furthering education and opportunities for aspiring Herbalists. Debra is a 1991 graduate of the South West School of Botanical Medicine and a student of the late Michael Moore. She has had over 26 years of clinical experience and has continued her education in the field of homeopathy studying with Dr Robin Murphy, a student of Sajah Popem at the school of evolutionary herbalism, and completed a 2 year program with Dr Julie Bruschani at the South West School of Jungian Astrology. Additionally Debra continues to grow and learn as an herbalist by attending workshops, conferences and being an avid student of plant medicine.Save




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