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Do You Trust Your Health To Store-Bought Supplements?

Did you know that over 90% of the vitamins and supplements-even the expensive “whole-food” based ones you probably have in your cabinet right now-are made from synthetic and unnaturally isolated compounds?

While they claim to provide high amounts of nutrients . . . mostly likely, what those convenient pills deliver is not natural nutrition in a form your body can use well.

You see, for your body to absorb nutrients as it’s supposed to, you need to consume nutritious, fresh, and genuinely whole foods.

For instance, did you know that a small apple that only has 5.9 mg of Vitamin C beat out a 1500 mg pill of the purified form, ascorbic acid?

A study from Cornell University compared a whole apple with a purified isolated Vitamin C, and the results are shocking. This study found that eating a small apple gave a combined antioxidant effect equivalent to 1,500mg of Vitamin C.

How can that be?

Well, whole foods like apples contain many other chemicals, including antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols. Your body recognizes and needs this complexity for optimal health.

And you know what? Way beyond the fruits and vegetables we usually think of for fresh nutrition is a much more powerful source of vitamins and minerals . . .

You may be as shocked as I was when I first learned of the nutrition packed into a handful an extraordinary category of herbs.

When prepared in just the right way, these special herbs offer a bounty of nutrients that are easily absorbed and instantly used by your body.

Far beyond the bottled multivitamins and supplements you find in stores, these herbs provide a wide array of vitamins and minerals in the exact form your body is designed to process.

Plus, by consuming these herbs for their nutrition, as a great side effect, you’ll also experience the added benefits that each herb has to offer:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer skin
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Improved blood flow

Now, these herbs are powerful, but you won’t get much out a capsule or teaspoon of powder . . .

You’ll need to consume a large quantity of them, and there’s a special preparation you need to know to get the most benefit . . . But, it's super easy (as easy as making tea), I’ll tell you more about that soon.

But, first, let me introduce you to the 3 best Nutritional Herbs . . .

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