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Kit includes most of what you'll need to make an 8oz recipe, just add local honey and a jar for your own 1 month supply.

  • 1oz Pre-Measured, Organic Elderberries
  • Written Recipe
  • Easy Online Video Instructions

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Organic Elderberry has become difficult to find . . . And the price has skyrocketed! 
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Only $40 $20 while supplies last.

“I had a scratchy throat and I took elderberry syrup every hour or so. The next morning, there was no scratchy throat, no irritation. I was whole and well.  It showed me the incredible benefit to taking elderberry syrup”.

Sandy Richardson

North-Central Louisiana

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eBook - "Garlic: Your First Home Medicine"

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Only  $40  $20 While Supplies Last
with Free Shipping!

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