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“Living Without Refrigeration

"​​​It isn't just about learning how to keep your food cold without electricity . . . this ties into so much more . . . including health, nutrition, local food systems and economies, sustainability and resource conservation, and so much more."

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​Refrigeration is so deeply ingrained into our everyday lives now that ​very few people know how to safely store many foods without one . . .

Much of store-bought food is labeled to “refrigerate after opening” . . .

We’re warned of the dangers of leaving food out for even a few hours . . .

Reports of mass food poisonings are numerous . . .

​​​​Woniya Thibeault
Ancestral Skills Educator, Writer, and long-time Homesteader

It’s hard for many to imagine living without something so “basic” to modern life.

But not too long ago, there was no option but to go without refrigeration. ​Our ancestors (and even many modern-day people) safely store food without these energy-hungry appliances, but it can seem like a daunting ​practice to implement within your own life. Can living without it really be so difficult, dangerous, and scary?

Of course, the answer is no, but it isn't simple as unplugging your refrigerator and going about life as usual. With the knowledge and simple techniques Woniya shares in this presentation, you’ll rediscover how it's not only possible to live and thrive without a refrigerator . . . it may actually be a better and healthier option!

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  • Understand why refrigeration can actually make some foods go bad faster than other storage methods – Plus, the surprising list of commonly refrigerated items that don’t need to be in there at all.
  • Gain confidence in your food storage skills – Whether you like to camp long-term, are trying to live off grid, or even have concerns of extended power outages due to storms or other disruptions – These skills are ​essential so you too can ensure a safe food supply no matter the situation.
  • It’s so much easier than you think – Woniya provides a wealth of advice, gained from decades of “living-it” herself, passing on exactly what works, what is safe, and the most practical ways for you to start reducing your refrigeration needs.
  • The healthy “side-effects” of going without refrigeration – Naturally become more mindful of your food and your consumption habits, and see why eating seasonally and locally, or growing and gathering your own food, is the most effective way to make sure you’re getting the most nourishment possible.

​​This presentation by Woniya Thibeault originally aired during the 2015 Home Grown Food Summit and we rarely offer these presentations for free​ after the Summits are over . . . but, ​for a limited time, I'm making the full ​presentation available to you ​for FREE during your personal 72 hour showing.

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