LIVE Training Webinar with Master Herbalist Doug Simons

The Time Has Come

The jury is in… and the age of antibiotic resistance is officially upon us.

No one can know exactly how things will develop in the days and months ahead… How long will it take for the problem to hit home? And how long it will take for medical systems around the world to respond?

We just don’t know.

What We Do Know About Antimicrobial Resistance

Some people have done a lot of expensive research so that they could make an educated guess about what will happen. And the information they came back with is not encouraging.

Like the statement from World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan, where she claims that we are heading toward a post-antibiotic era in which common infections will once again kill.

Or the AMR study commissioned by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – which predicts that by 2050 we’ll see over 10 million deaths annually from drug-resistant infections.

Take the Quiz: What is Your Antibiotics IQ?

What Can You Actually Do About Drug-Resistant Infections

The news is alarming. But being alarmed does nothing to improve your situation. Even if you’ve been keeping track of the news and following the latest developments – the news never tells you what you can actually do about it.

That’s why we teamed up with Master Herbalist Doug Simons to produce this new training video called Treating Infections without Antibiotics. It’s all about empowering you to care for common injuries and infections without the help of antibiotics.

Here is a short trailer for the video:

LIVE Training Webinar with Marjory Wildcraft and Doug Simons

The Treating Infections without Antibiotics DVD has already had such an overwhelming response from viewers that Doug has agreed to do a special, one-time-only live training webinar this Thursday for everyone who has purchased the video.

It doesn’t matter if you purchased the physical DVD, or if you only bought the cheaper online streaming option. Everyone who has purchased the video before Midnight (Central Time) on July 6th, 2016 will be invited to take part in this special LIVE training webinar featuring Marjory Wildcraft and Master Herbalist Doug Simons.

During the webinar, Doug will share several real-life stories about injuries and infections he has treated, and the lessons he has learned through his practice. Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to ask Doug and Marjory questions – and they will both be available to answer your questions live, in real time.

Again, this special one-time live event is only available to those who purchase the video before Midnight (Central Time) this Wednesday, July 6th, 2016.

Click Here to Purchase Treating Infections without Antibiotics

The live webinar with Doug and Marjory will take place this Thursday, July 7th – don’t miss out!

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  • Bob says:

    Where is the link to sign up for the webinar? OR will you be sending this out to everyone on the 6th?

  • Beth Oquist says:

    Hi Marjory and Doug! I purchased the DVD and watched it. Learning the correct way to make and use poultices was very helpful. However, I don’t live in the southwest or similar environment and getting a hold of the prickly pear cactus is problematic at best. You did mention the second best alternative is plantain which is easy to obtain here. Then you went on to demonstrate making a poultice using dried plantain. My questions are these:

    What is the best way to harvest plantain?

    What are some of the best ways to dry plantain to preserve the elements needed for effective poulticing?

    What should the dried plant be like (as opposed to over or under drying)?

    Can a person use fresh plantain for a poultice and how should it be prepared?

    Also wanted to thank you for all the information on dealing with brown recluse spider bites. I’ve heard several stories of folks who were bitten and progressively miserable and allopathic medicine did nothing helpful. Good to know there is a simple treatment. I live in Western Washington State and the only poisonous thing here is the brown recluse spider.

    When is the webinar scheduled? I definitely want to take part!


  • Beth Oquist says:

    Here’s another question for Doug. Can the Aloe plant be used in place of the prickly pear? I’ve been growing a plant successfully inside and the other day used a small piece of it on the inside of my mouth to treat a sore tooth. It worked wonders, though I found it very astringent and wouldn’t want to use it often that way.

  • Robin Hart-Cordell says:

    Thank you for this update (about the extended video discussion for owners of the DVD).

    1. Where is the link to join the seminar – not included in this most recent e-mail – I see only the purchase links in the e-mail (but I already purchased that – although I haven’t watched it yet).

    2. When this video seminar is presented, will it also be available by download (or even on a disk) ?

    It’s pretty difficult to watch an Internet video (just once, and maybe not even put it to use for a while) and then be able to effectively retain the full content …
    and likewise -especially- for those of us who live in a low population regions where such {truly} ‘high speed’ Internet Provider services – do not exist – which can typically enable “streaming videos” without skipping & stopping – or even failing altogether (depending on the weather, for instance, which can – quite frequently – interfere with satellite-based Internet service out in the boonies where cable, DSL, WiFi, Wireless, etc., again = do not exist.

  • Carolyn says:

    Will another e-mail be sent to give us a link to join the webinar? I don’t see anything in the e-mail we received or anything on this web site that gives that information. And we do need it on a DVD so we can keep it for reference. We sometimes have problems with Internet going down just when we need it. Thank you.

    Also, a question: What other herbs can be used instead of Prickly Pear? I’m having a hard time locating that plant in Alabama.

  • Darla Pierce says:

    I’m also in a rural situation, and as well, it’s a busy season for me to take an evening to watch this. Really would love a downloadable version, or possibly have a week to view it? Then I’d maybe be able to pause it and take notes…

  • JADE YORK says:

    Hi, I am very interested in purchasing your DVD, but I live in the suburbs of NY and don’t go hiking or camping, so I’m more interested in treating strep, MRSA, staph as opposed to snake bites, etc. My kids are school age and I try to avoid giving them antibiotics, but want effective natural remedies for the illnesses that pediatricians most often prescribe antibiotics for, especially strep infections. Besides staph infections does your DVD cover this info? tks.

  • Anne H Trottier Trottier says:

    Hi, and thank you so much! I would like to make the same points as Robin regarding Internet in remote places. And also, at what time will the new webinar take place?

  • Rhonda says:

    I purchased the dvd. I do not see a link to the webinar.

    My question is, I do not live where I can grow a prickly pear cactus and it seemed like your preferred method of taking care of most issues was using the cactus. I do realize you mentioned other methods but the PPC was definitely your favorite and that is not doable for me.

    #1: Can a person use organic freeze dried prickly pear cactus if they do not have access to the “real” plant?

    #2: If I bought some pads, or found some, could I scrape out the pulp & freeze it and then use something else to wrap it in? Or maybe dehydrate it?
    #3: Can a person use a combination of charcoal & clay to make an effective slurry for the conditions you mentioned in the DVD?

  • CL says:

    Your info says the following:

    While in the near future we will likely raise the price to $39.95, for a limited time we’re making “Healing Infections Without

    Antibiotics” available to as many people as possible for a substantial discount:

    $24.95 for online video access (digital delivery), a 37% SAVINGS.

    $34.95 for physical delivery of the 2 DVD set.

    $34.95 for digital & physical delivery of the 2 DVD set.

    …….but later in the 3 boxes at the bottom when I’m ready to order, it is $37. Is it $34.95? I’ll take it.

    Thank you

  • Jan says:

    To be perfectly honest, I really cannot see what all the fuss and fear mongering is all about. If people live healthily they
    a) do not get ill,
    b) do not need drugs of any sort
    and c) never need the drug anti-biotic
    So many Natural health remedies have been available in the garden and on the kitchen shelf for years
    ALL people really need is the advice that our elderly relatives would have given us, if they were still around
    I have not as yet seen the DVD but I am sure that a great many remedies will fit into the above categories.
    It really is not the end of the world. and the sooner we do get to the end of drug anti-biotics the better
    My own doctor used to send us home and tell us to drink Real honey and lemon and take a long nap.
    I later learnt to add ginger and chilli to the mix
    Worked like a dream

  • Phog says:

    There are numerous medicinal mushrooms (Chaga, Reishi, Birch Polypore, etc) that heal and modulate our immune systems and fight cancer….. Research it. Learn. 🙂

  • Char says:

    I don’t seem to be able to log in to watch the video I purchased. I’m not a computer whiz, but it keeps telling me the log in failed–when I put in the information given me. Also I have received no information on how to watch the live webinar and it is late afternoon on July 7.

  • Char says:

    I hope to attend the live webinar if I get the information to access it. My question for Doug is how does he suggest using fresh horsetail herb orally–what part of the plant to use, how to prepare it, and how much to take when it is the fresh plant vs. the dried herb. ( Horsetail was recommended in the Dental Video, and I have purchased a horsetail plant to use.) Thanks!

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