Infographic: The Power of Sleep

Are You Catching Enough Zs?

More than one third of adults get fewer than 7 hours of sleep each night. But research shows that we need 7 – 9 hours to keep ourselves healthy and minimize our risks of health problems.

And when it comes to the power of sleep, the quality of sleep counts just as much as the quantity. If you’re sleeping in an uncomfortable place or position, sleeping while stressed out, or sleeping with electronics turned on – you might be getting sleep that isn’t addressing your body’s real needs.

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Simple Steps to Embrace the Power of Sleep

This infographic from Precision Nutrition highlights several ways that you can really embrace the power of sleep. Some of these are positive changes you can make, and others are mistakes you might be making that it shouldn’t be too hard to change.

Did you know that the first things you do each day can have an impact on the following night’s sleep? It’s an interesting bit of info… check it out:

The Power of Sleep - Precision Nutrition

Why Sleep Matters

Good sleep is key to good health. In your guts, sleep is related to digestion, appetite, body fat, and calorie intake. Lack of sleep can also cause a decrease in T-cell count, making you more susceptible to viruses and bacterial infections. Lack of sleep is correlated to inflammation-related illnesses, including heart disease.

Sleep is just as important in your brain, where a lack of quality sleep can translate into reduced alertness, concentration, judgement capabilities and memory. If you’re struggling with feelings of depression, emotional irritability, poor mood, or heightened stress – sleep is one area you can’t afford to ignore. There’s a direct correlation between mental health and the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting.

Good nutrition and good sleep habits go hand in hand in achieving your best possible health, all around. If you’re making the effort to grow your own food, learn about good nutrition, and avoid toxic substances in your diet – don’t shoot yourself in the foot by ignoring this important factor in achieving your best possible health.


Thanks to Precision Nutrition for the infographic. You can find the original graphic and accompanying article here: The Power of Sleep: Why Sleep is So Important, and How to Get More of It.

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