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“What’s Changing In 2021 And How To Navigate It”

"Don't just survive 2021 - THRIVE!"

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Hi, Marjory here,

For many of us, 2021 has already started out with continued major shifts away from what we knew as "normal". And, we all know these changes are only going to get more drastic. 

I’ll be leading a discussion into what we can expect to see during this year. This is a non-political, no nonsense, honest talk about what you should be doing right now to secure the ability of your family to thrive this year. 

I’ll be starting from things we can all verify and know to be true and show you the logical progression those trends will take. 

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a good sense of the big picture. 

You definitely need to be prepared. And I’ll have a lot of resources for you.

On Sunday, January 24th I hosted a LIVE webinar on "What’s Changing In 2021 And How To Navigate It."   And this is your chance to re-watch this powerful chat I had with the community.   Plus, I'll send you the show notes, too. 

I want to personally share my decades of experience in preparing my family for times like these, and chat with you about what you're doing to prepare your family and community, too. 

When you register, I'll send you a bundle of some of my best resources to ensure we all don't just survive, but truly thrive throughout next year and beyond. 

Oh, and there's no cost to join the live webinar, or to get my resources.

This is simply an opportunity for us to pull together as the TGN community and support one another. 

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