DIY Hoop House Package

“Finally, a complete program that will show you in detail exactly how to build a high quality, low cost hoop house, even if you are not ‘handy’, guaranteed!

Do You Want To Extend Your Growing Season, Protect Your Crops, And Learn How To Save A Ton Of Money While Building Your Hoop House?

Follow over Dave’s shoulder as he shows you every detail, step by step, how easy it is to build an inexpensive hoop house.

Package includes: Video, 3D Rendered Plans, Transcript, Audio, and Project Checklist

The DIY Hoop House Package has received amazing reviews. Here's some of what others have said:

The Guide and Resource Package contain all the detailed instructions you need to build a high quality, low cost, 12’x36’ hoop house.

(Note, the design can easily be modified for other sizes, too!

The DIY Hoop House Package Includes:

  • Dave's detailed video guiding you through every step of planning and building your hoop house. You will have lifetime access to stream or download the video. 
  • 3D Model of the hoop house with all parts detailed.  The 3D file can be viewed with freely available software, and we provide a link to where you can find and install the eDrawings Viewer. (Please note, the 3D file must be viewed on a PC, it is not mobile friendly.)
  • The complete list of parts, prices, quantities, and part numbers of the supplies you will need. Dave includes his sources so you can easily find every part and tool.
  • A full written .pdf transcript of the video guide.  
  • Audio-only .mp3 version of the guide.

You made it easy to understand. As an architectural designer using AutoCAD, l really appreciate all the time and effort that you put into the drawings! I had not thought of it before but now I (with the help of the grandkids) will be building a hoop house within the next year! Thanks.

- Barbara

Thank you for breaking this down into a simplified step-by-step process with clear diagrams which makes it seem much more feasible. A hoop house has always been a dream of mine and l feel very inspired now to build one myself! Great job and what a surprise at the end!

- Aprille

Nicely detailed with good real pictures and CAD drawings as well.

- Ted

Good presentation. I'm thinking 12 x 36 is bigger than l need but it's pretty clear the building process is the same no matter the size.

- Molly

About Your Presenter:

If you need it fixed or built, Dave Glowka is your man.  Dave is a research engineer with decades of experience in energy and agriculture research. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and specializes in mechanical design, fluid flow, and heat-transfer processes. He has explored various aspects of geothermal energy and other fascinating subjects for more than 35 years.  

He has served as consultant and design engineer on dozens of public and private projects that range from state-of-the-art software for calculating the orbiting temperatures of the space shuttle, to downhole tools and instruments for exploring and characterizing the subsurface geology of the earth, to equipment for safely handling and storing nuclear waste in a national repository.  

He is very passionate about developing simple processes to help people live more sustainably.  Through his company Red Rock Research, he integrates 3D design and printing technologies into his consulting and design activities.

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