Homesteading Basics: Jewelry You Can Wear While Homesteading

Is it Safe to Wear Jewelry While You’re Homesteading?

Homesteading can be some pretty rough work. If you’re not digging in the dirt or hauling materials, you’re building things and planting. It’s a tough job. And the question Marjory is going to answer today is, “Can you wear jewelry while you’re homesteading?”

Marjory likes to look good when she’s out working on her land, and she usually does wear some bling while she’s out there. So how does she do this without ruining her jewelry or getting hurt? As you’ll see – it all depends on choosing the right jewelry for the job.

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Picking Jewelry that’s Appropriate for Work (Real Work)

The most obvious concern is that you would be likely to ruin fancy, fine jewelry if you wore it out for work on the homestead. And you won’t catch Marjory digging in diamonds. The jewelry she chooses is rugged, and tough enough to survive a hard day’s work without getting broken up.

Another concern is safety. Homesteading often involves power tools, and you need to be very cautious about wearing anything – jewelry or clothing – that hangs loose from your body when you’re using power tools of any kind. One of the key factors Marjory always checks for before she goes out to work is to make sure that any jewelry she has will come off easily if it gets caught on a post, a fence, or especially on a power tool. The bracelets she shows in the video below are a great example.

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Homesteading in Jewelry

A couple of months ago, Marjory got bitten by a copperhead snake. If you missed that story, you can read all about it here: How I Got Bit By a Venomous Snake, Treated it at Home, and Lived to Tell the Tale. While she was fighting off the venom, she had a spiritual experience of sorts. She received a message that told her she needed to start paying much more attention to her breathing. She needed to breathe deeply and steadily, and she needed to concentrate on that throughout all aspects of her life.

Marjory took that message seriously. She decided that she would start wearing a bracelet at all times, as a constant reminder that she should focus on her breathe and not forget to practice deep breathing. Here’s Marjory to tell you about it herself:

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