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You are going to love this comprehensive ebook - and you'll learn how to look great no matter what happens!

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Marjory Wildcraft Homemade Shampoo
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  • Smilee101 says:

    Sheez been trying to see the shampoo recipe and honestly I just finall gave up, way too much clicking, down load,click, register etc. I never did see the hair recipe just got tired of being bounced around from page to page.

    1. Hi Smilee101, I’ll tell you what… I’ll send you a copy via email.

  • Ryan Calderone says:

    Thanks Marjory and TGN – many great recipes in this book to remove chemical laden products from my life!!

  • clkelly328 says:

    Thank you for such a GREAT, natural resource for making a product that everyone uses!

  • dragicaf says:

    Thank you for the booklet, Marjory. I just remembered a silly joke that I found long ago looking for funny stuff. It said ‘why would you pay or sham-poo when real poo is free’?

  • marsh2601 says:

    Saw your article on sweet potato. Didn’t know I could eat the leaves. I am growing purple sweet potato in a Hydropotonic system. The vines a leaves are out of control,any suggestions? Also were can I get the red sweet potato to grow. Most places I have tried are out of the seeds. For some reason I was able to leave a comment on the sweet potato article.

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