The world’s best Holistic Dentistwho was almost killed by mercury poisoning (!)reveals in this FREE webinar the cutting-edge natural techniques to heal your teeth so you love to smile again

This 8:18 sample video is just one part of the full webinar:

What Herbs Support Your Teeth And Dental Health?

In addition, here are more topics in the full webinar:

  • How to never have cavities again (naturally)
  • Dead tooth? Here are your options
  • What causes receding gumsand can they be reversed?
  • How to find a holistic dentist you can work with
  • Holistic techniques for whitening teeth at home

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Your Hosts

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, DDS

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic dentist, and health and wellness expert. After practicing traditional dentistry for 10 years, Dr. Jorgensen became very sick. Through her own journey to return to health, she discovered she had mercury poisoning from drilling out mercury fillings for her patients. She was concerned that there may be other health-threatening materials or procedures in dentistry, and this led her to the field of biologic/holistic dentistry.

In the decades since then, Dr. Jorgensen has been paving the way in biologic/holistic dentistry. She has created a health-focused method for treating dental and overall health. Her dental practice has helped over 20,000 patients who have come from all over the world to seek her help. Dr. Jorgensen and her team have been named Dental Team of the Year and Dental Practice of the Year at the prestigious Crown Council's Members' Choice Awards.
Dental professionals across the country also come to learn from Dr. Jorgensen. Her goal is to change the way dentists look at health. A prolific writer, she has authored hundreds of blog posts and articles about dentistry, health, and nutrition. Her first book, Healthy Mouth, Healthy YOU!, was published in 2018.

Marjory Wildcraft

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of The Grow Network, which is the largest online community of people focused on modern self-sufficient living. She has been featured by National Geographic as an expert in off-grid living; she hosted the Mother Earth News Online Homesteading Summit; and she is listed in Who’s Who in America for having inspired hundreds of thousands of backyard gardens. Marjory was the focus of an article that won Reuter’s Food Sustainability Media Award, and she recently authored The Grow System: The Essential Guide to Modern Self-Sufficient Living—From Growing Food to Making Medicine.
Beloved for her humorous, non-judgmental, get ’er done style, Marjory is best known for her video series Grow Your Own Groceries, which has over half a million copies in use by homesteaders, foodies, preppers, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

Available FREE for the next 72 hours only

Register here to get full free access to the Holistic Dental Webinar

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