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This highly rated presentation from Julie James is back for a limited time! 

Julie's video originally aired during the 2018 Fall Home Medicine Summit and we rarely offer these presentations for free​ after the Summits are over . . . but, this one is so helpful, I have decided to make an exception.

Julie goes in-depth on the nature of commercial insect repelling chemicals, then shows you how easy it is to make your own effective herbal alternative. 

​Julie James​
Director​, Green Wisdom School of Herbal Studies

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  • ​The dangers of DEET in commercial insect repellents (especially in children).
  • Methods that indigenous cultures used to keep away insects.
  • ​3 Natural insect repelling agents that scientific studies have shown to be more effective and safer than DEET.
  • ​Common aromatic plants that you can grow to repel insects​.
  • ​And an easy recipe for making your own highly-effective repellent that is especially effective for mosquitoes and ticks!

​​Several of us here at The Grow Network can personally attest to how well her recommendations work​ . . .

​​A ​few of us at The Grow Network were getting ready for a short backpacking trip.​ ​Before heading out, we checked in with the Forest Service, ​who promptly warned, ​"Be careful, there's going to be a lot of mosquitoes in that particular area that you're choosing."

​Un​fazed and still determined to hit the trail, we ​walked down to the local store​, picked up ​the only natural insect repellent we could find, and hoped for the best . . .

​And let me tell you, ​the trail was ​truly infested with mosquitoes . . .

But, as it turns out, ​the herbal repellent we used was almost identical to Julie's recipe! You'll want to stick around till the end of the presentation to hear ​the details of our first hand experience.

​​I am offering this ​useful video to you for FREE during your personal 72 hour showing. Once you register, you will have 72 hours to watch ​it online, and completely free. ​

​Learn how to avoid the bugs . . . and the chemicals!
Just in time to ​keep the summer bugs at bay.

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