How To Grow Food When You Have No Yard, Guerrilla Gardening, A Clever Alternative

Hey everyone, in my last video about growing food with no yard, I had mentioned I was ready to try my hand at some guerrilla gardening. My Airbnb in Puerto Rico was just way too shady to grow food and it had little to no gardening space. I found a path to the beach in my neighborhood that had a perfect patch for guerrilla gardening.

Guerrilla Gardening, A Clever Alternative

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Before I got started on my guerrilla garden adventures I made sure to wear boots for my tender footed friends.  I definitely felt like I was a cool motorcycle cop.

While shooting this footage, I happen to find a wild legume plant. They’re so easy to identify with their classic pea leaf shape. Check out the video to see how exactly how I identified it so quickly.

I cleared out the grass from a 6ft x 8ft plot and while I make it look easy in the video, it is definitely hard work! The ground was so compacted I had to work on it for nearly a week. I spent about 10-15 minutes every morning breaking the ground with a shovel or pickaxe. Check out the video to see all the details oh how I started this wild guerrilla garden patch!

What do you think?

Have you ever guerrilla gardened? Do you have any tips or tricks for this unconventional gardening method?

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