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If you are like any average family in the US, you spend thousands of dollars each year on groceries. And lets face it the quality and cleanliness of that store bought food is often doubtful.

The nutritional content of the conventional food supply has been dropping for decades . . . Not to mention that the cost of food is increasing rapidly. Many experts are even predicting hyper-inflation and currency collapse could make buying food almost impossible.

Being able to grow your own food is like being able to print you own money! When I taught workshops I charged up to $500 per person . . .

How much is a healthy, clean, nutritious food supply worth to you and your family? $100's, even $1000's?

If you order during this 72h Free Showing, you can get your DVD set of "Growing Your Own Groceries" and all the supporting materials and additional bonuses for only $35 (or just $25 for the Digital edition)!

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