Grow a High-Performance Garden, Episode 21: “Broccoli Continues to Amaze”

Watch (and learn!) as Lynn Gillespie—an organic farmer for over 25 years and owner of The Living Farm in Paonia, CO—plans, plants, tends, and harvests a high-performance garden.

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Lynn has a unique “learn along with me” garden teaching system. You will actually get to see everything she does in her garden for the entire season. Will she make it? Will the bugs get everything? Will the deer destroy her plants? Will sudden freezes or the burning summer sun wipe her out?

Lynn’s goal for her garden is to produce enough food so that she can eat something she’s grown every day for a year.

Follow along with the ups and downs of this experienced gardener. It will be just like being in the garden with her!

Catch the next episode below.

(And stay tuned, as Lynn will have another update every week!)

Episode 21: “Broccoli Continues to Amaze”

The demonstration garden is reaching its peak of production! Lynn harvested 20.93 pounds from the garden this week, including summer squash, zucchini, kale, more broccoli, tomatoes, and one of the biggest and heaviest cucumbers Lynn has seen in a long time!



You can access The Living Farm’s “What Can I Plant Today?” lists—divided by month from March through October—online here: https://thelivingfarm.org/high-performance-garden-show

Take your garden to the next level and sign up for the Abundance Garden Course, the official instruction manual for the High-Performance Garden Show.

Click on this link to start your garden adventure.

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Stay tuned! We’ll be publishing a new episode in this series weekly!

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  • Sandy says:

    Would be very interested to see how you store the pvc racks for your high tunnel garden., and anything we need to know about protecting them from snow, extreme cold and high wind. How I wold love to serve heaps of broccolli the way you must be this summer!
    Sandy Forest

  • map2health says:

    Wow! Such an abundant crop! And so healthy looking too. I have just signed up for the course and can’t wait to get into it. I am writing from the southern hemisphere and so, whilst you are busy harvesting these yummy greens, I am about to start planting them. I have followed food gardens in the northern hemisphere before and it is always fun keeping track and swopping the months around to fit the seasons. For example, August is our end of winter whereas for you guys it’s the end of summer!
    We are now in our final month of winter and in Cape Town our climate is more Mediterranean than subtropical. This means it is our rainy season, unlike the rest of South Africa which has its rain in the summer months.
    I’m really looking forward to following your weekly videos. Already my interest is piqued by your mention of “Captain Jack” so that will be my first Go To, I think?

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