Growing your own food is like printing your own money

This is For People Who:

  • Realize Growing Your Own Food Is No Longer Optional
  • Don't Have Time For Mistakes
  • Have Little to No Experience  
  • Are Older and/or Out of Shape

2020 was a strange year, and the main lesson from 2021 and 2022 is that the problems are not going away. 

In fact, they're getting worse. 

Hyperinflation, devastating floods, supply chain failures, extreme heat and cold, a global pandemic, wildfires, drought, rioting, de-funding the police, dollar devaluation, power outages, food shortages, water contamination . . . 

Our modern systems are failing us. 

You can be free of all those systems.

Imagine the relief of never having to worry about going hungry. Never have to worry about wheelbarrows full of paper dollars that buy nothing.  And never have to worry about being turned away at the overwhelmed medical system.  

Imagine the peace of mind you'll have when you can create your own food.

This is a complete program with bite-sized, step-by-step instructions and customized interactive guidance for you to grow your own food, make your own medicine, and become someone who is able to navigate tremendous change with grace and ease.

You'll gain skills that will make you bulletproof.

People will be astonished at how calm you are under pressure. You'll laugh at food inflation.  And you'll become one of those super-healthy people who doesn't eat GMO's.

You won't be just a perimeter shopper; you won't be going to the grocery store anymore.

You CAN Do This Even With No Experience. 

It Is Not Rocket Science!

How do I know? Because I've taught hundreds of thousands of people just like you how to grow their own food.  Most of them started out knowing nothing and had never grown anything.

Growing your own food isn't something new. Throughout human history people grew their own when there was no such thing as a supermarket. Before electricity, typewriters, and automobiles. People had delicious fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat on their dinner tables every night.

Your great-grandmother did it.  Your great-great-grandmother did it. 

And they didn't have Google.

You can do it too. 

Bite-sized, Step-By-Step Instructions

The Grow Network Academy offers you step-by-step eCourses that teach you in bite-sized chunks how to grow your own food.  Each eCourse has easily digestible modules that are fun to tick the box when you've completed it.  Each module has a short impactful video, an action item to do, a short quiz, and a list of related resources to help you deepen if you want.

Almost any kind of food you want to grow is covered by one of our courses… we take you by the hand and show you how to get started and exactly what to do each step of the way.  Learn how to grow a garden, keep a flock of chickens, grow mushrooms, keep bee's, build a green house, forage for wild edible, make herbal medicine, and so much more.  Everything is delivered in easy, simple steps that can be done in your spare time.

Plus, we add new eCourses every quarter.

The Grow Network is an online community of over 531,629 homesteaders, hippies, survivalists, foodies, and preppers who have been living this lifestyle for decades.

Customized Interactive Support

How often do you collect eggs?  What is that bug that's eating your kale?  How do you treat that gunk in your rabbit's ear?  You will have questions – and built into the program is customized support for you to get answers.

You'll get access to our vast online forum where we are online 24/7, answering questions, sharing tips, swapping jokes, bartering and trading, and having a ton of fun. When you get stuck . . . don't worry, we are here.  Our online community is a global network of experienced homesteaders, preppers, survivalists, hippies, foodies, and home-schoolers.  We have been living this lifestyle for decades.

We've been through this before, and we know all the pitfalls.

Your questions will get answered.

Taught By Extremely Experienced Homesteaders Who Have Been Living This Lifestyle For Decades

The certifications in the Grow Network Academy are created by extremely experienced homesteaders who live this life.  They have made the mistakes, and they know the shortcuts.  Each certification is carefully constructed to guide you into getting set up as quickly as possible.

Yes, all this information is somewhere on YouTube, and you can spend weeks and weeks with Google…  and who knows if that information is really good or not.  The value of the Grow Network Academy is the information is organized into simple step-by-step, bite-sized chunks that you can easily do.

The Academy is designed to be the fastest and easiest way to get up and producing as quickly as possible. I've vetted every presenter, and each one is the real deal.  They are knowledgeable, communicate clearly, and are good on camera.

Can I Help You Pick Out The Best Gun For Personal Defense?

No, that is not what I am about.

Yes, I do understand that as things deteriorate, there will be more violence.

And, yes, I do have guns, ammo, and the skills to use them. Yes, absolutely.

I am also training in Shotokan Karate and KaJuKenbo. I am a huge believer in practicing situational awareness.

Yes, the world is likely to get much more dangerous.

But, one of the truths about long-term survival in hard times is that you are far more likely to die from starvation than from a bullet.

And, while I recognize the dangers, I am primarily about working together and building community.

Score Higher On Intelligence Tests

What can I say?

It's true.  Scientific research shows that people who grow and eat their own food are more intelligent.  As you eat high-quality food, you'll find your thinking becomes sharp and clear.  Your body is stronger and more capable.  You heal faster.  You have a better connection with inner peace.   And you feel better. 

Certifications that make you really valuable

I went on a trip to Cuba to interview the survivors of their "Special Period." In  1991 the Cuban economy crashed overnight by 60%. The lights went out, the water stopped running, and the average Cuban lost 20 pounds. 

Cuban society turned upside down.  Lawyers and bankers plunged into despair while their lowly gardeners rose to take leadership, organize communities, and give guidance.  Real skills and the ability to produce food during that time of famine were highly valued. 

As our world changes and our money becomes worthless, these productive skills become worth more.  The Grow Network Academy is designed to equip you with real skills that are extremely useful.  And we do it in a way that is easy and fun. 

These detailed, step-by-step e-courses deliver the information in small doable bite-sized chunks that you can easily do. 

Did You Know That You Can Grow Half of Your Own Food With Just Three Courses?

And Once You Get Down The Basic Three, Then The Fun Really Begins!

It only takes three certifications to be able to produce half of your own food, in a backyard-sized space, in less than an hour a day.  You can do it with a small garden, a flock of chickens, and a rabbitry. I've been doing it for years, and I have taught thousands of people in the Grow Network who are also doing this.

Those are the three certifications I recommend you start with first.    

Once you are producing half of your own food, well, the fun is just beginning.

You can grow all kinds of amazing stuff.

  • Grow backyard cannabis (makes a great trade item)
  • Become a medicine man or medicine woman and smirk at drugstores
  • Live that dream of becoming a hunter-gatherer
  • Create a tropical paradise while everyone else is buried in snow
  • Become a gourmet cook
  • Can and preserve a years' worth of food
  • Create your own varieties of fruits
  • Become a beekeeper
  • Master guerilla gardening
  • Grow your own mushrooms (uh yeah . . . the culinary ones grow just the same as the other kind – but you didn't hear that from me)

Backyard Chickens For Egg Production:

Never have to skip breakfast.  Plus, have an endless supply of gifts or trade items (everyone can use a dozen fresh eggs).

Bio-Intensive Gardening:

Produce vegetables, fruits, and grains with the easiest and most efficient garden system that does not depend on you going to the store to buy stuff.

Raising Backyard Meat Rabbits

Hey, they breed like . . . rabbits.  Have an endless supply of clean, healthy, organic meat that is more reliable than hunting, fishing, or grocery stores.

Home Medicine 101:

Learn to treat the 12 most common ailments with simple homemade medicines.

Cultivating Cannabis: 

Designed for novice cannabis gardeners and even the most experienced. Discover the history of cannabis, and its uses as food, fiber, fuel, and medicine, plus everything you need so you too can grow medicinal-quality cannabis. 

Wildcrafting & Foraging:

Gain the skills necessary to get started in wildcrafting and foraging. Scott Sexton, provides an abundance of knowledge on everything from essential tools, language, and safety, to how to find and identify the most useful plants growing all around you.

Making Herbal Medicine: 

Learn to make the 8 medicines all home medicine makers know how to prepare (from poultices to pills to tinctures).

Herbal Energetics:

Cooling? Warming? Adaptogenic? This in-depth course covers common herbal energetic language, and what it all really means. You'll learn to combine the wisdom of energetics with your sense of taste so you too can create effective, herbal formulations.

Growing Edible Mushrooms:  

From identifying mushrooms to fruiting, harvesting, and storage.  You'll gain all the skills necessary to grow mushrooms (in your yard, under the house, in a shed, or out on the back forty).

Raising Backyard Meat Ducks:

An in-depth walkthrough of everything that you need to know from choosing the breed, picking the proper location, building enclosures, and harvesting.

Instant Master Gardener: 

The secret to a green thumb, homemade fertilizers for free, your huge advantages over commercial growers, how to prepare a garden bed without weeding, and how to transplant with confidence.

Conquering Sugar:  

Do you have (or worry about) cancer, diabetes, or heart disease? Deal with the fundamental issue and conquer your sugar addiction.  Learn how to handle cravings, how to replace the sugar in your diet with other yummy foods, and how you can actually enjoy healthier foods.

Saving Quality Seeds: 

The ultimate skill for self-reliance.  You can even create your own variety of tomatoes and name it after your favorite grandchild.

Nutrient-Dense Soil: 

Gain an understanding of the importance of nutrient dense soil to developing strong, nutritious food yields. Your instructor, Tom, will walk you through everything he knows about to turn your soil (any soil) into a thriving, garden-supporting powerhouse!

Raising Goats: 

Prepare yourself with the skills necessary to raise your own backyard goat flock! And ensure that your goats are raised properly. You will find the entire process detailed - providing you with an abundance of knowledge and skills for your own journey in keeping goats.

Greenhouse Construction: 

Save $1000's by building your own greenhouse! This eCourse takes you through the steps and gives you the info you need to know so you can decide on what greenhouse will best suit your needs; the various types and sizes of greenhouses, foundations, plus heating and cooling considerations.

Exploring Botany: 

Develop an understanding like never before of the world of plants. Become confident identifying the main plant families and common plants you'll find in your neighborhood. Plus, a guide to basic plant anatomy, and a deep view into how we can work with Nature's systems for our benefit with natural remedies and food abundance. 

Plus, Our New Weekend Projects:

The "Weekend Projects" are just that; quick courses designed to take 1 weekend to complete. These may be short, but they are sure to empower you on your weekend-warrior journey towards building your successful homestead.

Build An Off-Grid Watering System

Learn The "Original" Canning Technique

Learn To Can Almost Anything

Begin Building Your Essential Oil Toolkit For Your Homestead

The Essential Tool For Gut Health, Immunity, And Inflammation

Feed Your Garden With The Best, Sustainable Fertilizer

NOTE:  All the course materials are downloadable to your home computer for safe keeping.  This includes videos, video transcripts, and other resources such as worksheets or recipes as applicable.

Never Stop Growing With New Certifications Added Every Quarter

These are the certifications we have in the pipeline and will be rolling out in the near future:

  • Introduction to Beekeeping
  • Detoxing Your Soil
  • Growing Medicinal Herbs
  • Weather 101 for Gardeners, Homesteaders, and Outdoorsmen
  • Cooking 101
  • Introduction To Sewing
  • High-Performance Greenhouse Gardening

What else will be delivered to me when I become an Academy member?

On the 1st Wednesday of each month you'll receive a special "Did You See This?" email from us; We send links to resources available to Academy members only (new Courses, Resources, eBooks, etc.) You’ll know it is from the Grow Network’s Academy as the subject line will read “[Lab] Your name, . . . ”

Here is what mine looks like:

3 Things The Academy Is NOT

We are focused on real solutions and we avoid some topics as they are better served by other organizations.

We are:

Non-Political (actually, most of us think politics is a completely rigged game and at best it’s a form of distracting entertainment.  We have folks from every political stripe and we all agree not to waste much time with arguing over that. We do love to laugh at politicians from time to time though 😊 ).

Non-Dietary (vegan, paleo, south beach, fruitarians, Adkins, Weston-Price, OMAD. . . everyone is welcome here.)

Non-Denominational (almost all of us have a deep spiritual connection, we are open to all, and we come from almost every religion possible Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Muslim, Atheists and everything in between.)

What Our Academy Alumni Have To Say

Sandra Richardson

I am engrossed by the volumes of rich content that you supply on the Grow Network. I call myself a perpetual student. So, being a member [of the Academy], I love all the certifications that you have out there. I am currently trying to work my way through every single one of them! And I love the currency of the information that you post. There’s more of it than I can actually go through. Which I find gratifying because I never get bored with it.

Chris Devinenzi

A lot of times people just get paralyzed, and they don’t know what to do. They just have so much information, but no knowledge of what to do about it. But you make it simple. And that’s what’s so good about the Grow Network. You should say “The Grow Network - we make it simple!"

Scott Sexton

I am a terrible gardener. I love plants but I’m just not good at growing them on purpose. After I took the Instant Master Gardener Course, all of a sudden everything started growing for me. I had so much more success than I had in the past, it was like night and day. Best of all is that the course is part of the Academy Membership and it’s been one of the most valuable things I’ve gained from being a member.

Rose Donovan

The Grow Network is really a breath of fresh air. The videos and courses give in depth information, but yet they’re easy to understand and follow. There’s a wealth of information here. I love being able to quickly find the resources I need.

Theophilus W.

As a near middle aged individual living in the heart of a large city, who doesn’t own or possess the typical resources and skills needed to survive comfortably [finances, vehicle, skilled trades/education], this Network truly is inspiring - especially now under current events. It’s reignited a sense of purpose to devote my energy towards, as opposed to striving and maintaining a “pawn” lifestyle. Here’s to another forty years - full of “actual nourishment” to sooth and refine the soul, and hopefully those closest to me as well. It is greatly appreciated Grow Network!

Become Free

Step-By-Step Instructions
Customized Interactive Support

The Fastest Track to Producing a LOT of Food

What is it worth?

$7,923 a year is what the average US household spends on food.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2018 Consumer Expenditure Survey, it's the third-biggest expense after housing and transportation.

The actual rate of food inflation is currently running at 35%, and hyperinflation is just around the corner.  Soon you won't be able to afford groceries at all. 

$3,200 would be the cost if you were to purchase all of The Grow Network courses individually.

$1,200 a year is the regular price for an annual subscription to The Grow Network Academy.

But You Won't Pay That Much!

I have a special offer for you.  I know that money is tight, and the time is short. I'll cut to the chase and offer you an annual subscription to the entire, complete Grow Network Academy with a massive discount . . .

 And . . .

You Don’t Have Much Time!

Get Started Before Inflation - And Hyper Inflation - Makes Food Unaffordable At Any Price

You've seen the prices increasing. You've seen the empty shelves at grocery stores. You've seen the "thin inventory" at supermarkets.  Everything from lumber to microchips to shipping containers is in short supply.

Drought, flooding, and COVID controls have hammered global food production.

Out-of-control Government spending will not stop until the dollar with worthless.

These are not problems that will be solved soon.

While I've done everything I can to get you up to speed as quickly as possible, you need to get started now.

What You Get For Only . . .




A massive 83.64% discount!

ONLY $200*

(that’s only .55¢ per day to be able to grow all of your own food and be free of super markets and drug stores!)

Here is what you get:

  • Online access for an entire year to all 25+ Grow Network eCourses will teach you step-by-step in bite-sized chunks how to grow all of your own food, make your own medicine, and much more. (*Billed annually)
  • All courses are fully downloadable.
  • 24/7 interactive support from our network of experienced homesteaders who can answer your questions and help you every step of the way.
  • An ever-growing library of fully downloadable ebooks, white papers, reports, and information on living off-grid.
  • A physical copy delivered to your door of "The Grow System: The Essential Guide to Modern Self-Sufficiency From Growing Food to Making Medicine" by Marjory Wildcraft.
You Can Grow Food FREE Webinar | thegrownetwork.com

*Membership fee is billed annually. By joining today, you lock in your membership fee and will never pay more. Plus, you can terminate your Academy Membership at any time.

Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Remember, there’s no risk upgrading to the Academy membership today.

Because it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Cancel any time within the first 60 days to receive a full refund of money paid, no questions asked.

I look forward to meeting you inside the Academy!

Warmest Regards,

Marjory Wildcraft

A percentage of proceeds from all Grow Network products are donated to the “Earth Recovery Foundation,” a non-profit organization that provides grants to backyard researchers working on issues critical to individual and family-scale sustainability.

There Are A Lot Of Issues We Are Facing Today . . .

A teetering economy, a toxic food supply full of GMO's and chemicals, the egregious abuse of animals and land by commercial agriculture . . .

The problems are overwhelming . . . especially if you’re feeling isolated.

Yet you don’t need to travel this road alone.

The The Grow Network's Academy can be YOUR safe space.  Where you can share your learning journey with passionate, like-minded folks . . .

. . . With the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting advice from some of the world’s most knowledgeable gardeners, homesteaders, and survivalists.

And I promise . . .

You'll be amazed at what you can do and how fast you can be creating beautiful food and medicine with the support of the entire Academy community.

So I encourage you, enroll in the Academy today.

And remember, there’s no risk because you’re protected by our generous 100% money back guarantee.

My name is Marjory Wildcraft and I am the founder and CEO of The Grow Network.  We are the online home of a global community of people who are stopping the destruction of the earth via home grown food.  “Home grown food on every table” is our catalyzing statement.  

I’ve been featured by National Geographic as an expert in sustainable living, I’ve hosted Mother Earth News’ online Homesteading Summit, and I’ve been honored in Reuters “Food Sustainability Media” awards.  

I grow half of my own food and most of my own medicine.

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