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agriscaping-logoHow would you like to help lead the way to a greener, more sustainable future? Do you like growing food, gardening, designing, landscaping, and teaching? If this sounds like you, we have a career opportunity that we wanted to pass along…

You might remember a Kickstarter campaign that we supported back in June for Justin Rohner and his company, Agriscaping. Well, that Kickstarter campaign was a success, to say the least. And Justin just got back in touch with us to ask us for help with a problem his company is having. Their problem? They’re getting too much business!

Agriscaping is getting a huge volume of new customers from all over the country, and their team isn’t big enough to handle all of the new customers. So, they are opening up their training programs to give a select number of people the chance to get involved and become Agriscaping Certified consultants. They’re looking for qualified people to become certified for each of the following positions:

Educators – For those with a passion for teaching and solid gardening knowledge. Apply Below.
Maintenance – For those who love caring for plants and have solid gardening knowledge. Apply Below.
Harvesters – For those with a passion for fresh, local food and solid gardening knowledge. Apply Below.
Designers – Best fit for those with landscape design experience. Apply Below.
Contractors – Available for bonded and insured landscaping contractors. Apply Below.

Each of these positions can be a full time job, or a part time job for supplemental income. You make your own schedule and work at your own pace. You spend your entire day walking around gardens and meeting like minded people who are excited to have your help. Sound good?

When you’re certified, Agriscaping will send you clients in your area who are looking for help with the gardens at their homes, schools, and churches. And you’re free to build your own client list as well – you can use your Agriscaping skills on any project you find on your own.

The process to become certified is simple and straight forward. You start by sending in an application to Agriscaping. After your application is accepted, you will complete an online course – with homework. The courses are taught each week and they last between 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the position. The certification fees are $800 for Educators, Maintenance, and Harvesters; $1,250 for Designers; and $3500 for Contractors. As an affiliate of Agriscaping, the [Grow] Network will receive a small percentage of any revenue generated by this promotion.

This is a great opportunity for landscapers who want to expand their businesses, gardeners who want to become more involved in their local food communities, and anyone with gardening experience who wants to move into a gardening-related career. If you know a landscaper who may be interested in helping to grow food, please pass this along to them.


The links below go to the application forms for each position. Your application will be reviewed by Agriscaping, and they will contact you directly. There is no charge for applying.

EducatorsClick here to apply for Agriscaping Educator Certification

MaintenanceClick here to apply for Agriscaping Maintenance Certification

HarvestersClick here to apply for Agriscaping Harvester Certification

DesignersClick here to apply for Agriscaping Designer Certification

ContractorsClick here to apply for Agriscaping Contractor Certification


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  • kristan says:

    Sadly, this reminds me of the whole modeling school scam. Teenage girls were targeted to become fashion models, but first they had to come up with $1,200 for modeling school. The modeling school promised to help these girls find modeling jobs once they finished modeling school, but none of these girls ever became models. They just paid to go to the school.

    I think you need more specific information and/or guarantees of actual work opportunities for this offer to be truly interesting to anyone but the foolish.

  • thomas says:

    Can I do Agriscaping without much experience growing food?

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Thomas – Agriscaping screens their applicants to make sure that they’re qualified, so if you don’t have experience growing food, I doubt they’ll accept your application – unfortunately. Having said that, it’s free to apply – so you might apply and then talk to the folks at Agriscaping about your experience – they’ll point you in the right direction. Thanks – Michael

  • Hi Michael,
    I live in a little town called Sechelt, on the coast north of Vancouver Canada.
    Are there any clients in my neighborhood?
    I would be interested in this program, if there are.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hello Gus – I ran your question past Justin Rohner at Agriscaping and his response is, “We have a growing following in many parts of Canada… especially in the Vancouver area.” So, I’d say this is a “yes.” Good luck – Michael

  • Tami says:

    Hi. This really sounds awesome but I was wondering how much business there would be where I live. I’m in South West Missouri, where there are a lot of rural farming communities. Would I be able to make a living around here without having to move to a different area? Thanks for any comments/feedback. ?

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Tami – Justin from Agriscaping says they do have a market in Southern Missouri – with a few students and some clients. They’re looking for more people to get involved as pioneers and help grow the market in that area. I’m not sure about the volume of business you should expect. I would ask that question to Agriscaping when you apply. Hope that helps – Michael


    Hello – am very happy to be reading articles from food growing community and I am one of the promoter of sustainable food growing in Kenya. I wonder is the certification for the USA only, or even for us from afar. Thanks a lot for the educational articles. God bless a fabulous new week.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Jonnes – Justin says their biggest international markets outside the US are in Canada, England, Germany and South Africa. So there’s no existing market in Kenya. If you wanted to help get it started there, I’m sure Agriscaping would love to talk to you about that. Good luck – Michael

  • DK says:

    Maybe I’m out of line with this comment…. but the Fees seem pretty steep for no guarantees of clients.

    1. John Wesley says:

      I agree that the fees are steep, but clients are your responsibility.
      It’s your own business, to run how you want.
      He shows you how to do it, but the doing is on you.

      Besides, in this economy, I don’t think anyone could guarantee clients for any business except maybe drug dealing.

      1. Summer says:

        Seems like a cynical, snarky response to a serious concern, to me.

  • Greg says:

    This is great practical advice. The power of organization is the power to change the world. If only permaculture produced this kind of organization 200-years ago, and succeeded, the world would be very different theoretically. It’s about taking it up a notch, which the world expects in this age of provable results. I’ve hired experts from time-to-time to assist me on my own organic ranch. The hard-workers who make a system sustainable for the rancher, those are the ones I remember and want to engage again.

  • sue says:

    This to me would be a dream job, I love it that much! Maintenance would probably be my forte without certification. The only thing is, common people like me, are typically the type that garden like this. The problem I see is this… Who has that kind of money these days, just laying around waiting for the perfect opportunity such as the case may be… I certainly do not. Therefore, without the ability to finance something like this, you may count me out. A great disappointment, I must say. Good luck with your venture. Wish I were a part of it, but no such luck. I’ll just keep on keepin on with the garden I have at home. Wishing all the best. S.B.

  • Harriet Mpinganjira says:

    I am in Malawi. How will I benefit from this project? Our market is rigid.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hello Harriet – Please see my response to Jonnes from Kenya above – I think your situation is the same – there isn’t any marketplace there yet. Thanks & good luck – Michael

  • Vicky says:

    Is there a way to see a sample lesson? Considering this course is not through a university or college, I would want to see what I was getting into before shelling out the money. I have taken a couple of little courses online before, and they people who wrote them couldn’t even spell or write a clear sentence. I doubt that’s the case here, but I think it’s a legitimate question! Thanks.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Vicky – Applying is free. After you apply, if you’re accepted, you will have a chance to ask questions to the Agriscaping team before you buy the certification course. If you’re interested, I think that you should ask that question to the team at Agriscaping. They will talk to you about the course and answer your questions. Thanks – Michael

  • Merrill Pyper says:

    Hi, I am very interested in starting a new career and I am passionate about gardening, permaculture and sustainability. I would be the provider for my family and am wondering if Agriscaping provides medical insurance for their employees.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Merrill – This isn’t an employee/employer relationship. Agriscaping workers are self-employed, and they get leads/references/work requests through Agriscaping. So, I’m afraid there’s no health insurance. Thanks – Michael

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