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The Grow Network is the online home of a global network of people who are producing their own food and medicine.  “Home Grown Food on Every Table” is our catalyzing statement.  The purpose of our organization is to stop the destruction of the Earth.  We offer information via our online blog, information products (physical and digital), and a membership area.  Learn more at http://TheGrowNetwork.com.

Our company culture is a team of rugged adventurers out to make a difference in the world.  We are a distributed company, but the many of us are in Central Texas and Durango, CO.  Those with a life-attitude of being on an expedition in the back-country will like working in this environment.  This is a full-time work from home position where you determine your own hours and have your own equipment.  The ideal candidate for this position lives in the Durango, CO area because we like to get together to party sometimes.

Are You Good With Verbs and Vegetables?

We are looking for a dynamic A+ player to join our crew as we create the most useful, simple, and fun resource on the web for producing, preparing, and preserving your own food and medicine.  You’ll do that by finding and posting high-quality content, managing our network of writers and JV Bloggers, organizing contests and challenges, putting together amazing newsletters that get read and are valued, figuring out (and implementing) features that really serve the purpose, and collaborating on bigger organizational projects.

The Grow Network is currently composed of about 120,000 members, and we are scaling up our systems to handle 2 million members.

You are a person that knows you can work anywhere, but chooses to work with us.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience.

Skills and Attributes Needed: (Please don’t apply if you don’t meet these criteria.)

• 5 years editorial experience, preferably in blogging, online news, magazine, and/or internet marketing businesses
• A passion for homegrown food and good health (you have a garden, and/or chickens, or you are growing some of your own food in some way)
• Great with managing writers, bloggers, and an editorial calendar
• A writing style for newsletters that is engaging and personal
• Awesome at creating SEO-smart headlines
• A wizard with WordPress, HTML, Microsoft Office, Infusionsoft, and email auto-responders
• You have excellent time-management and communication skills with an ability to balance multiple projects.
• You have an entrepreneurial streak in you with the ability to think creatively and focus on opportunities for growth.
• You are great at communicating what you are working on with the rest of the team and are very comfortable with working remotely.
• You are detail-oriented and a fanatic about making filenames/directories/data organization simple and easy to understand.
• Skilled with WordPress, Infusionsoft, auto-responders, funnels, analytics software, HTML coding, and CSS
• Big plusses go for familiarity with MaroPost, Amazon S3, Memberium, Highrise, and Basecamp software.

To give you an idea of what is involved with this position, here is the current punch list of items for the Editorial Director to start working on:

• Create and send newsletters 3 times per week for the TGN free membership and 1 time per week for the TGN Honors Lab members
• Select products and write promotional emails for TGN “Sunday Drops”
• Upload all blog posts and content
• Manage, encourage, recruit, and inspire TGN writers and JV Bloggers
• Work at increasing organic search traffic to the blog
• Monitor and report on blog traffic stats and other KPIs
• Proof/test/troubleshoot marketing sales funnels
• Write/edit email follow-up sequences that encourage interaction
• Develop and document editorial procedures that streamline organizational processes
• Be an organizational champion for our values (freedom, simplicity, sustainability, usefulness, soil, sunlight, and water)
• Implement the business plan designed for the organization’s explosive growth

To apply, send us your resume in word docx format attached to an email to cindy@gvtc.com.  In your email, use the subject line “Editorial Director Position Application”.  The Grow Network is accepting resumes until mid to late November.  There will be a series of phone interviews and then in-person interviews and you’ll be starting early December 2016.

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  • Chris Ahrens says:

    Thanks for the application. In so many ways I’m the right person for the spot, but I’m not too techy and live on the Pacific Ocean and am not ready to trade that for Texas just yet. Thanks for the info, however. Love what you’re doing.

  • What a fantastic opportunity – for everyone! Growing your own food is becoming more and more critical as a large percentage of the food that finds its way into grocery stores (even Whole Foods and Sprouts) comes from outside our country. What interests me the most however, is growing our own medicine. Herbal medicine has been a lifelong passion of mine so to see it placed in equal focus with our food warms my heart. Too many people see the food you eat as different or separate from the food or herbs you digest to fulfill the role of “medicine” – where in truth, they are one and the same.

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