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Imagine hiking your favorite trail - It’s the perfect day. That is, until you get tripped up and sprain your ankle . . . Do you know what herb grows close by that can help get you back on your feet and home safe?  

Or, imagine your child comes in from playing and he’s crying . . . You see a wound on his hand and its gushing blood . . . Do you have a go-to herbal remedy on hand that you know will stop the bleeding?

​​​Dr. Patrick Jones
​​​Veterinarian, Naturopath, ​Founder - ​HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine

You and I both know how important it is to be prepared for emergencies, and a well-stocked first aid kit is essential to becoming confident in providing care when it matters most.

Dr. Patrick Jones, clinical herbalist, practicing veterinarian, and naturopath, guides you through the skills and herbs needed so you too can handle many common emergency situations where quick and effect first aid is required. From the basic steps of assessing an emergency situation, to knowledge of which herbs to look for if you’re stranded without your medicine kit, his presentation is sure to enrich your medicine making skills.

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  • ​The #1 herb you must have ready to handle someone that’s in shock.
  • ​The ABC’s of emergency medical care and the best herb allies for these situations.  
  • ​3 Specific herbs to quickly address Asthma.
  • ​Common and easy to find herbs that can save you in the wild.
  • ​Powerful herbs to turn to for healing punctures, burns, venomous bites, and even broken bones.

​This presentation by Dr. Patrick Jones originally aired during the 2018 Fall Home Medicine Summit and we rarely offer these presentations for free​ after the Summits are over . . . but, ​for a limited time, I'm making the full ​presentation available to you ​for FREE during your personal 72 hour showing.

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​​"​​​Learn to manage 25 different first aid scenarios using readily-available plants and weeds . . . Oh, and a ​surprising use for duct tape! 😄"

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