The Ultimate Guide For Hair Care
“Homemade Shampoo”

"Learn everything you need to care for your hair - naturally!"

Cleanse and protect your hair (and skin) the way nature intended - without the synthetic, and often toxic chemicals found in commercial products.

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Many recognize that drastic societal change or upheaval is due in our (possibly near) future.

Whether it is due to governmental or economic collapse, severe environmental change, zombie outbreak, or what have you . . .

And, they are preparing for short and long-term events that can render our modern conveniences completely unavailable.

Most of these preparations include being able to feed ourselves and our families once supermarket shelves are bare . . .

Keeping first aid supplies on hand . . .

Protecting our homestead when law enforcement services are unavailable or unreliable . . .

But, All Too Often, A Basic Pillar Of Health Is Forgotten . . . Personal Hygiene!

Hygiene is one of the 3 pillars of health, along with nutrition and sanitation.

During any stressful situation, but especially when your survival is on the line, you will want to be in your best health.

As all gardeners know, healthy plants are the ones that thrive. The stressed ones are much more prone to infestations and disease.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your skin provides a sophisticated first-line defense system, keeping your vital systems at bay from diseases and infections.

By maintaining good hygiene, you allow your body to focus its internal defense system on warding off the more dangerous threats.

Ok . . . So what?

You already know how essential soap is. And you probably have at least a small stock of it on hand.

But, what do you do once you’ve squeezed out that last drop of store-bought soap and you can’t readily buy more?

Or, maybe you simply want to care for your hair and skin without the harsh, synthetic, and often toxic chemicals found in many commercial hair products.

The good news is keeping clean without modern conveniences is not nearly as difficult as it may seem!

This handbook gives you practical methods and 12+ recipes for maintaining good hygiene with ingredients you already have. While I’ve focused on caring for your hair and scalp, most of what I’ve detailed can be used to cleanse your skin in general.

I will also introduce you to 63 plants, many of which are easy to grow or forage, that contain an extraordinary, soap-like compound. I’ll show you how to harvest and use these as an effective soap substitute.

Plus, I’ll let you in on the ancient secrets of what the Native Americans used (and some still do) to keep clean, healthy, and youthful hair.

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