The Better-Than-Toothpaste Powder

How to replace your toothpaste with a safe and effective tooth powder without toxic ingredients so that you too can have clean and healthy teeth without frequent (and costly) dental visits.

In This Free Recipe, You'll Discover…

  • The most safe and effective way to avoid harmful chemicals, like fluoride, so you too can take control of your oral health.
  • The 4 easy to find essential ingredients for a holistic tooth powder in order to clean, re-mineralize, whiten, and strengthen your enamel. 
  • The specific reason why you need each ingredient for the most effective results. Miss any one of these and your result won't be the same.
  • How to avoid excessive and expensive dental care for less than $4 per month. 

Hi, I'm Marjory Wildcraft...

And I'm passionate about finding alternatives to toxic dental care. I’ve helped 29,427 people avoid the possible dangers of toxic dental products by showing you how to safely, effectively, and naturally care for your teeth at home.  

Without this recipe, you will waste your time scouring the internet, guessing which ingredients to use, and then wondering if you’ve got the best recipe. 

With my recipe, you eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money on unnecessary ingredients because you’ll be armed with the knowledge so you too can get even better results from your tooth powder. 

Take this recipe, use it and enjoy healthier teeth, naturally!

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