Your "Better-Than-Toothpaste" Recipe will arrive in your inbox in about 12 mins. In the meantime watch this short but important 3:43 min video I made for you to handle your dental health care naturally . . . (yes it's only that long so watch it all)

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DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder

Since we both know you'd prefer to skip the hassle of sourcing ingredients and carefully measuring to make the recipe yourself . . . 

I've made it simple to replace your store-bought toothpaste right now with the DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder Kit!

And, I have done most of the work for you!

You'll receive the 4 main ingredients needed for my recipeperfectly pre-measured and ready to mix.  

Plus, I'll include a roomy jar to shake it all up and store it in for daily use.

(Pst... the 2 small jars that the charcoal and soda come in are perfect to re-use for taking your Toothpowder on the go, too!) 

It's everything you need to make your own 6-month supply of Better-Than-Toothpaste Powder!   

Your DIY Toothpowder Kit Includes:

Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder Ingredients:

  • Natural Bentonite Clay - Mineral rich and beneficial for teeth and gums, this pure clay provides cleansing and astringent properties that will leave your teeth tartar-free and beautifully polished.
  • Baking Soda - This common, but powerful ingredient neutralizes acids, removes odors and freshens breath. It's also know to aid with whitening by gently lifting stains.
  • Pure Activated Charcoal - A Ph balancing and whitening power-house that tightly latches onto and removes tannins from coffee, teas (yes, even herbal tea), wine and other common foods that make your teeth dull. 
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil - Classic refreshing flavor, with a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral kick! I'll send you plenty of pure, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil. You can add a little, or add a lot, and make your own Better-Than-Toothpaste Toothpowder just as you like it.
  • 4oz Labeled Mixing Jar + 2 Re-Usable Travel Sized Jars - Who doesn't love re-usable containers? Use the large, pre-labeled mixing jar to shake up your ingredients and store your main stash away for daily use. Then re-use the two little jars to take your Toothpowder everywhere you go!    

Plus, The Natural Dental Care Starter Kit  

Creating new habits sometimes means you need new "tools".

To help you get started using the techniques you'll learn watching "Alternatives To Dentists", I will send you my Natural Dental Care Starter Kit.

Included are all the essential tools you need when you begin using my tooth care system.

Your Natural Dental Care Kit Includes:

  • Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal-Infused Bristles - Naturally anti-bacterial and charcoal-infused to provide the ultimate in dental care.
  • Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper - Drastically cut down the bacterial growth in your mouth with this one simple tool. 
  • Professional Dental Mirror - Get a good look at what's going on in your mouth and easily keep a close eye on problem areas.  
  • Hardwood Tooth Picks - Your teeth and gums will love the extra stimulation you give them with these sturdy picks. 
  • Convenient Cloth Travel Bag - Keep all your dental tools on hand and ready to go when you need them. 

 DIY Tooth Powder + Dental Starter Kit Combined Price: $80 

During This Limited Time Offer - Pay Only $55!

Plus, I'll Give You These 5 Bonuses (An Additional $130 Value) For FREE!

Alternatives To Dentists - Digital Access

This video reveals how ANYONE can take charge of their dental health, using 100% natural methods. You'll learn how you too can heal cavities, strengthen your teeth, and even handle gum disease and abscesses with confidence. 

All by caring for your teeth with easy methods and using only ingredients found in nature.

1:20 Hour In-depth Video Training

A $70 value, yours FREE.

Horsetail Companion eBook

Learn how to strengthen and rebuild your enamel to dramatically improve the lifetime health of your teeth with this introduction to the most important herb to support rebuilding your teeth. Learn how to use it effectively, where and how to find it (ANYWHERE in North America), and how to grow it yourself.

A $15 value, yours FREE.

8 Page Companion Booklet

7 Questions To Vet Your Dentist

Finding a dentist can be hard . . . and finding a good dentist can be near-impossible.

Your new 7 Question checklist gives you all the questions you must ask your current (or future) dentist before you entrust them with one of the most important aspects of your health.

A $15 value, yours FREE.

2 Page Dentist Visit Checklist

How To Talk So Your Dentist Will Listen

An exclusive Guide that helps you understand the technical terms you'll hear at your dentist's office.

You too can feel empowered to speak on your Dr.'s level, become a dental office "VIP", and make more informed decisions about your dental care. 

A $15 value, yours FREE.

5 Page Printable Guide

Practical Ways To Detoxify Your Home

Find the hidden toxins lurking in your home (some that may even be affecting your dental health).

This video presentation by Dr. Rob Brown offers real-life guidance on eliminating, and clearing your home of harmful toxins.

A $15 value, yours FREE.

1 Hour Video Presentation


Get Your DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Kit At The Lowest Price You'll Ever See It  +  Claim Your Free Digital Access To "Alternatives To Dentists" And Bonuses Before My Offer Expires!

 Normal Price: $210 
For A Limited Time Get It For Only $55!

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This Offer Expires In:

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Get Your DIY Better-Than-Toothpaste Kit At The Lowest Price You'll Ever See It  +  Claim Your Free Digital Access To "Alternatives To Dentists" Now!

 Normal Price: $210 
For A Limited Time Get It For Only $55!

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