Congrats, Certification Completers! (+2 New Master Classes!)

Congratulations to the following Community members on completing one or more of our Certifications in June, July, and August!

As many of you know, one of the perks of membership in our Honors Lab is FREE access to several amazing certifications in our Honors Lab area—and lots more are in the works, including “Nutrient-Dense Soil,” “Beekeeping,” and “Growing Medical Marijuana.”

These Certifications dive deep. They’re essentially multi-lesson master classes, full of practical know-how so you can immediately start reaping benefits for yourself; your family; and your garden, homestead, or medicine cabinet.

(And if you’re not an Honors Lab member yet, you can gain access to these Certifications + lots more perks of membership by joining today … at 63% off, for a limited time only! Click here to learn more.)

Herbal Energetics

NEW! Herbal Energetics

In our foundational Herbal Energetics course, you’ll learn all about the properties of herbsincluding their energetics, constituents, and tastes—and how to use this information to create effective herbal-medicine formulas and doses.

You’ll explore:

  • Hot energetics and sweet plants
  • Cold energetics and aromatic plants
  • Tense energetics and bitter/acrid plants
  • Lax energetics and sour astringent plants
  • Damp energetics and salty plants
  • Dry energetics and demulcent plants

And much more!

The Herbal Energetics master class is available exclusively to our Honors Lab members. Access it now by signing in to your Honors Lab account!

Wildcrafting and Foraging

NEW! Wildcrafting and Foraging

In our brand new Wildcrafting and Foraging master class, Scott Sexton walks you through everything you need to know to forage safely and successfully.

You’ll learn:

  • 6 ways to identify plants, from attachments and margins to leaf shape and venation
  • The essentials of biological, chemical, and legal safety while foraging
  • How to create a plant map … and why you should
  • Where to find, how to ID, and how to use the plants from 7 major families—mint, mustard, rose, pea, sunflower, lily, and grass

In this Honors Lab exclusive, you’ll gain an abundance of knowledge to prepare you for your own wildcrafting and foraging journey!


Home Medicine 101 Certification

Home Medicine 101

The Home Medicine 101 Certification is a perennial favorite in the Honors Lab!

This 8-week class teaches you how to remedy:

  • Burns, stings, and rashes,
  • Wounds and lacerations,
  • Coughs and colds,
  • Fevers,
  • Indigestion,
  • Anxiety and insomnia,
  • Muscle pain, and
  • Topical infections …

… with readily available plants you may already have growing in your backyard!

Congratulations to the following Community members for completing Home Medicine 101:

  • bigerobson
  • hvcahill
  • Jennifer Kootstra
  • jenniferlpallone
  • joaneengland1
  • Julie Kahrs
  • Lauren Steele
  • Peggy George
  • phoenixxmoon
  • StevenDay
  • taztogood2003
  • tedwards05
  • wabbit1964
  • y131691004


Making Herbal Medicine

In this 8-session course, Dr. Patrick Jones teaches you the skills you need to become your own Medicine Man or Medicine Woman. You’ll learn to make salves, tinctures, liniments, herbal pills, syrups, fomentations, lotions—and 8 more essential herbal preparations, for a total of 15 in all!

Dr. Jones also walks you through botany basics that will help you find and source your medicinal plants.

This course contains extensive knowledge that will be vital to building your own medicine kit, so you can treat numerous common ailments at home!

Congratulations to the following Community members on completing the Making Herbal Medicine master class Certification:

  • Amanda Wagner
  • Bridget
  • dorisa776
  • Jennifer Kootstra
  • joaneengland1
  • Lauren Steele
  • Leediafastje
  • Peggy George
  • phoenixxmoon
  • Roseanne Schnoll
  • Sharon Glenwinkel
  • Sheila johnson
  • StevenDay
  • taztogood2003
  • wabbit1964


Backyard Chickens for Egg Production Certification

Backyard Chickens for Egg Production

In this awesome Honors Lab-exclusive certification, TGN blogger (and homesteader extraordinaire!) Tasha Greer covers everything from breed selection and coop design to flock health and egg storage — plus lots more….

Congratulations to diana.stonestreet and Leslie Grishkowsky on completing this Certification!


Bio-Intensive Gardening Certification
Bio-Intensive Gardening

This 8-week course teaches the principles of bio-intensive gardening—one of the easiest, most sustainable ways to produce big, delicious fruits and vegetables!

An Honors Lab exclusive, it covers everything from starting and transplanting seedlings to the basics of garden beds and soil, and from making compost to garden maintenance. There’s even a section on harvesting and processing grains!

Congratulations to the following Honors Lab members for completing the Bio-Intensive Gardening Certification!

  • almq2
  • Ray
  • RyanCarson
  • snowboardskip69
  • taztogood2003

Conquering Sugar Certification

Conquering Sugar

Conquering Sugar is an in-depth, 28-day program that guides you on a step-by-step path toward cutting sugar out of your diet once and for all. The program is led by Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Sharon Porter, who expertly leads participants toward a more nutritious diet and healthier lifestyle.

You’ll benefit from Conquering Sugar if you:

  • Need to lose weight
  • Are suffering from fatigue
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Are facing diabetes, heart disease, or cancer
  • Are plagued by brain fog or lack of focus
  • Know you need to change and would benefit from step-by-step guidance

Congratulations to MargaretPatterson and maryjayp on completing TGN’s Conquering Sugar Certification!


Growing Edible Mushrooms

It’s easy to grow culinary mushrooms in your own backyard! In 8 lessons, you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

  • The basic science behind mushroom growing
  • Spawn and substrate selection
  • Tools and techniques
  • Inoculation
  • Incubation
  • Fruiting, harvesting, and storing

An Honors Lab exclusive, this course also covers the health benefits and uses of mushrooms.

Congratulations to phoenixxmoon on completing the Growing Edible Mushrooms Certification!

Instant Master Gardener Certification

Instant Master Gardener

In just 8 lessons, The Grow Network’s Instant Master Gardener Certification reveals gardening secrets, tips, and tricks that most people spend years discovering.

Lessons in this Honors Lab exclusive include:

  1. “The Secret to a Green Thumb”
  2. “How Much Land Do You Need?”
  3. “The Power of Herbs”
  4. “The Easiest Way to Prepare a Garden Bed”
  5. “Three Facts About Seeds Every Master Gardener Knows”
  6. “Transplanting Baby Plants”
  7. “The Four HUGE Advantages of Backyard Food Production”
  8. “A Homemade Fertilizer So Powerful, You Could Create a Business Out of It”

Congratulations to the following Honors Lab members for completing this powerful Certification:

  • chinazo88
  • Chris Pegram
  • cj.sherman
  • clswalker
  • CynthiaGraves
  • kathleenadavis23
  • NanC
  • phoenixxmoon
  • RyanCarson
  • Scott

Raising Backyard Meat Ducks

Interested in raising ducks for meat? In this 8-lesson master class certification, your instructor, Tasha, will teach you everything you need to know to get started, to raise your ducks in a healthy and safe environment, to slaughter them humanely, and even to cook with duck meat! You’ll learn about:

  • Determining whether ducks are right for you
  • Hatching, raising, and feeding ducklings
  • Building the best brooder and night shelter
  • Understanding ducks’ dietary requirements and choosing and sourcing quality feed
  • Molting and feather health
  • Methods for processing ducks humanely
  • How to cook with duck

This master class is an Honors Lab exclusive! (If you’re an Honors Lab member, be sure to access it in the “My Certifications” section of your Dashboard.)

Congratulations to ally4377 and Blair on completing “Raising Backyard Meat Ducks”!

Raising Meat Rabbits Certification

Raising Backyard Meat Rabbits

Raising meat rabbits is one of the fastest, simplest, most economical ways to begin producing your own protein, even in a very small outdoor space. In this 8-week class, you’ll gain the skills you need to raise meat rabbits—right in your own backyard! Your instructor, Dash, will walk you through the entire process, teaching you about:

  • Choosing the right breed
  • Picking the proper location
  • Building enclosures
  • Feeding your rabbits from what you can grow and what you can buy
  • Recognizing and treating common ailments
  • Breeding, plus taking care of mom and her kits
  • Harvesting your rabbits

This master class is an Honors Lab exclusive! (If you’re an Honors Lab member, be sure to access it in the “My Certifications” section of your Dashboard.)

Congratulations to ally4377 and Leslie Grishkowsky on recently completing “Raising Backyard Meat Rabbits.”


Saving Quality Seeds Certification

Saving Quality Seeds

Learn how to save seeds that will ensure an abundant harvest in years to come with the in-depth information in TGN’s Saving Quality Seeds Certification.

This 7-lesson Certification teaches which plants are easiest to save seeds from, how to plan your garden with seed-saving in mind, how to do a garden soil inventory, the basics of dry and wet harvesting, the best way to store seed, how to determine seed quality—and more!

Congratulations to Honors Lab member screamindave.dh on recently completing this Certification!

We’ve also got several more Certifications in the works, including “Nutrient-Dense Soil,” “Beekeeping,” and “Growing Medical Marijuana.” We’re working with some fantastic experts on these, so you’ll definitely want to check them out in the Honors Lab once they’re ready. Exciting stuff! 🙂

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