Tom Bartels – Supercharge Your Soil To Increase Nutritional Density

Tom Bartels
Supercharge Your Soil To Increase Nutritional Density

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Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • How your gut health and soil health are related
  • 3 types of compost (and which is easiest)
  • How to make jet fuel fertilizer for your garden (for free)
  • How to organically create ‘natures pesticide’
  • 3 simple compost methods for anyone’s garden
  • 2 ways to let worms help you year round
  • How the soil food web saves you time
  • How to “Stockpile Fertility” using leaves
  • Nature’s best pesticide: diversity
  • “Align the Design” of your garden beds for uninterrupted growth cycle

About the Speaker:

Tom Bartels lives in Durango CO at 6400 feet of elevation where he grows 1000 lbs of organic food in the 130-day season at his home each year. He’s been using biointensive methods since 2001, and shows others how to do the same, regardless of where they live or the size of their garden.

He created to help people learn how to use a natural systems approach to increase nutritional density per square foot while reducing labor. Tom has been an environmental educator for over 25 years and advocates an accelerated transition to organics and local food models for multiple benefits.

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