Paul Wheaton – Hügelkultur Soil Building

Paul Wheaton
Hügelkultur Soil Building

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Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • What is Hugelkultur?
  • How you can grow vegetables without irrigation
  • Hugelkultur beds are simple and inexpensive to build
  • Orient beds to block wind, capture sun, and create microclimates
  • How to mulch steep-sided Hugelkultur beds
  • How to plant Hugelkultur beds to take advantage of the different moisture levels

About the Speaker:

Paul Wheaton is the self-described tyrannical dictator of, the largest permaculture forum on the web. As a certified master gardener and permaculture designer, he’s built an empire around what he calls, ‘infecting brains with permaculture’. His forums are full of rich information, and there are a number of great free resources, guides, and articles that can be found on his sister site, as well.

Most recently, he has worked with rocket mass heater experts Ernie and Erica in developing a 4 DVD set on all things rocket science, and has built a following around his World Domination Gardening DVDs, which detail how to use hugelkultur, swales, and natural ponds to capture and utilize water without irrigation. His recent work with natural buildings based on Mike Oehler’s designs have resulted in the creation of the Wofati, a semi underground natural home design.

Crowned the Duke of Permaculture by Geoff Lawton and the Bad Boy of Permaculture by the Occupy Monsanto movement, Paul continues to educate and inspire, and regularly hosts workshops and natural building experiences at his property, dubbed Wheaton Labs, in western Montana.

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