Amy Landers – Solving Your Composting Challenges

Amy Landers
Solving Your Composting Challenges

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Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • 5 most common compost problems, SOLVED!
  • How to get your family onboard with composting
  • 4 simple questions to discover your composting personality type
  • How to create a steady compost supply for your garden
  • Learn how to increase soil structure, biodiversity, suppress soil diseases, and reduce erosion

About the Speaker:

Amy Landers made her first compost bin for an 8th grade science fair project. Twenty-five years later, and she is still fascinated by compost. Amy believes composting is the key to a healthy garden and a sustainable home. She wrote her first digital book, The Happy Garden Guide to Composting, to help others get started on their composting journey.

Amy is the nature nerd, writer, environmental educator, and mom behind With her husband and three young sons, she shares tutorials, tips, and lessons learned from successes (and messes) in her own garden. Amy loves to help other families grow beautiful, bountiful gardens together.

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