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Turn Up the Heat to Keep Your Garden Pest-Free
date_range July 08, 2015
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Cayenne pepper is one good way to keep pests out of the garden. We had rats that used to strip our macadamia nut trees before we ever got to harvest a
3 Ways to Protect Root Crops from Gophers and Moles
date_range June 23, 2015
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Got gopher problems?  Ha, me too!  I live in an area with sandy, sandy soil that burrowing animals just love.  Gophers and moles are a real problem
The Advanced Tree Rat Defense System
date_range June 12, 2015
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Tree rats. Otherwise known as squirrels. When I began gardening ten years ago, those little monsters, while cute, became the bane of my existence. Let
An Essential Home Made Mosquito Repellent
date_range June 10, 2015
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Two summers back, I received a phone call asking for permission to spray my backyard for mosquitoes. I politely declined, much to the caller's bewilde
What Can You Do to Attract Beneficial Bugs?
date_range April 02, 2015
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Beneficial Insects in the Yard & Garden We have been noticing lots of wasps around the property, as temperatures have started to come back up this