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Planting a Living Fence (VIDEO)
David Th..
date_range January 02, 2018
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After a wandering bull ate my pigeon peas I realized I needed a fence -- quickly. Problem: I rent my property and really don't want to spend money on
8 Principles For Welcoming Rain Into Your Life And Landscape
date_range August 03, 2017
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This is an in-depth interview with Master Rainwater Collector Brad Lancaster. No matter where you live there will be dry spells to droughts. Having mu
In Memory of Bill Mollison, with Thanks
date_range September 30, 2016
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Bill Mollison, co-founder of the modern permaculture movement, passed away on September 24th at the age of 88. Countless people whose lives he enriche
Homesteading Basics: Growing Duckweed
date_range August 26, 2016
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Using Duckweed on the Homestead If you search for information about duckweed on the internet, the vast majority of the information you'll find will be
Human Waste Streams: Opportunities and Regulations
Karen th..
date_range July 25, 2016
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Your Bodily Waste Streams As I mentioned in my previous post, Homestead Upcycling: How to Profit from Waste Streams, the idea of doing something const