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Small-Space Vermiculture, Step-by-Step
Marjory ..
date_range September 09, 2017
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Learn step-by-step how to create a small-space vermiculture bin for your kitchen scraps. Let the worms eat your garbage!
(video) Simple & Effective Worm Composting On Your Homestead with Marjory Wildcraft
date_range May 19, 2015
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While traveling in the Pacific NW I met Peter Paul who showed me the most amazing, and amazingly simple, idea for an outdoor composting-bin. Using the
Turn Your Trash into Black Gold with this Amazingly Simple Vermicompost System
date_range February 11, 2015
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Nature has its own way of creating resources out of waste. In the forest, leaves fall to the ground in autumn and eventually decompose with the help o
5 Things You Should Never Feed Worms
date_range September 24, 2013
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5 Things You Should Never Feed Worms John Fry of the Garden Tower Project has created a fascinating system that incorporates vermiculture right into y