Capt’n Dave – The Weatherman

Cap’n Dave’s life has depended on his ability to ‘read’ the weather. With a long career as a professional pilot of both aircraft and ocean going vessels, he knows what those cloud formations mean and when it is time to get to safety. Lucky for us, Cap’n Dave is also a long-time gardener and recently completed his permaculture certification. You will be delighted as Cap’n Dave guides you through the mysteries of weather patterns so you’ll know when to cover your tomatoes, and how to read the weather as if /your/ life depended on it.

“Capt’n Dave was born and raised near the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia, where his Dad taught him fishing, hunting, gardening and a myriad outdoor skills. He grew up loving shooting sports, surfing, backpacking and SCUBA diving, and became a SCUBA instructor and USCG certified boat Captain.

Moving to North Florida in the late 80’s Cap’n Dave began a 25-yr career in professional aviation, which included instructing, flying freight for the world’s largest Fed Ex Feeder airline; then corporate executive flying; and finally flying the Governors of FL.”

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