​Community Member Call Form

​Greetings! Use this form each time you call a community member to record responses. The script below is provided as a guide to help as needed.


Hi ​[Their Name],

I am a volunteer with the Grow Network on the Welcome Team – and

I’m calling you to welcome you to the community!

How are you doing today?

I’m curious, what was it that motivated you to sign up for the honors Lab? Was it one of the certifications?

Oh X! That’s awesome. I did that one a while ago and loved it… (or I haven’t gotten to that one but excited to do it soon, whatever is real).

Radial button selection of all certs to indicate X was their primary interest for signing up, or just simply general support

Which cert do you think you’ll do next after you complete X?

Did you know about the TGN forums? A lot of TGN members say other people think they are a bit crazy… and the forums are a great way to make friends with people who also know that real food and wholistic medicine is vital for being healthy. TGN just upgraded the software to speed up the website and make it simpler to ask questions or help others on the path. There are some amazingly knowledgeable people in the Grow Network. Have you had a chance to check out the forums yet?

I am not sure if you know about this, but TGN also has a really fun game where you get points for completing the certifications and commenting in the forums. Marjory and the TGN team is designing a special t-shirt for people who achieve more than 2,500 points. I just got one and it’s really soft. It’s made out of organic cotton and bamboo of course 😊

(the volunteers need to know about the point system 100 points for completing a cert and 1 point for commenting in the forum)

Hey, can I ask you what size t-shirt you will need if you get to that level? You can change the size later if you need to… but it helps TGN with inventory if they get an estimate ahead of time.

Radial buttons for small, medium, large, x-large, no answer, etc.

(Not sure how we want to handle this with volunteers – but at this point I give out my personal phone number and email address and tell them if they ever want to reach out to me, to please do so. For questions like ‘where is my package’ please contact Nikki at the customer happiness – I’m no good for that. And, if something comes up that really needs my attention, please let me know. Important news items, or mistakes and issues do happen, and we really count on the community members to help with things that inevitably come up.)

I just wanted to say ‘welcome’ to TGN and this massive grassroots movement of people who see that backyard food production and herbal medicine are a very important part of our future. So glad you are a part of it.

Radial button selection for

  • TGN Welcome Call complete (in OP it should have the volunteers name in addition to the tag for completion)
  • TGN welcome call no-show