A Simple Indicator Of True Health

He grunted and then sighed.  The new embroidery on his tunic was itching his shoulder.  It was otherwise a fine garment made of the soft cloth.  He adjusted his robe again and looked again at the two in front of him.  The trader looked at him expectantly while the other stood a step back with her head held low.

“Slaves”, he thought, “are almost more trouble than they are worth”.  This young woman was fair, but rather slim.  He had planned to purchase a girl to help with the household work and he wondered if this one would be strong enough.

Despite the glowing comments of the trader, he had reservations about the girls true health.  He could see she had been thoroughly scrubbed and her rough tunic was almost new.  Her skin had few blemishes and her timid look revealed bright eyes.

But a bath, some herbs, and a few good meals could give make the surface more appealing that was actually true at the core.

The last thing he wanted was to buy another slave who was sickly.  He had made that mistake before.  They never preformed well and died so early.  It was a waste of time and money.

So his next request to the trader was one that historically has been known as the best indicator of true health.

“Open her mouth and let me see her teeth”.


I am like most Americans who by age 40 have more than 8 missing, decayed, or filled teeth.

I had always brushed and flossed diligently.

But still I’ve had problems.

And by now it was becoming clear to me that dentists didn’t really have the answers.

In my search to find out how to take better care of my teeth I came across a man named Doug Simons.  Doug lives very primitively; often living for months roaming the rough terrain of the Gila Wilderness.  Doug is an herbalist and healer who has spent a lot of time observing wild animals and working with people who live very simply.  Doug’s wanderings have taken him to the northern badlands of Mexico into the Copper Canyons where he regularly meets and trades with tribes like the Tarahumara Indians.

I first met Doug in the shade of a Palo Duro tree in the Sonoran desert.  Doug was giving a talk on all the things he had learned about healing teeth from his decades of studying plants and healing.

The techniques he presented made so much sense.  His insights were earthy and simple.  And what Doug presented was like nothing I had ever heard before.

I tried many of the techniques Doug spoke about and found them to be effective.  So I arranged to have Doug’s presentation made into a video.

We have never sold the video before with any discount, but we are going to do so now.  If you would like to pick up a copy of Doug’s video “Alternatives To Dentists” click here.

In the video, Doug shows you how to clean your teeth using just a stick – and this is amazingly effective!  You’ll feel like you’ve just come out of the hygienist’s chair with really squeaky clean teeth.

Doug shows you the best herbs to use to re-grow enamel.  Yes, you can re-grow enamel.

He shows you how to prevent and reverse cavities, and even how to treat abscesses.

This is extremely useful information especially if you are considering the possibility of a grid down situation.

Even at it’s regular price, the video costs much less than even a few moments in a dentists chair.

No, we won’t have this special up for long….  it is a holiday special thing.  The link will become inactive by the end of the week.

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  • Recently, I had an abscessed jaw tooth removed. I used herbs and essential oils for pain and to speed healing. The one good thing about loosing the tooth (yes, it was a good thing) is this tooth had an old silver filling in it.

    I had wondered if my skin issues were partly due to mercury breakdown within my tooth filling. It’s been a couple of weeks now and my gum has healed nicely. I feel good, sleep well and my psoriasis seems to be clearing up.

    To me, my “abscess tooth adventure” shows that natural tooth care is the way to go. Doug’s video has some “different” methods that take dental care back to primitive measures. I equate this to getting” back to nature” to keep your “natural” teeth. Just a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor… =D

    1. Hi Anita, Oh so good to hear from you. Doug’s video has some great info – it isn’t everything you’ll need (you have to quit eating sugar….) but it has some great pieces.

  • Robert Polley says:

    #Health indicator Look at the iris of the eyes.

  • Liz says:

    I enjoy the dental health posts and have been encouraged to experiment with teeth cleaning. One thing that is working for me to remove coffee stains on the back side of teeth especially, as I noticed these by observing with a mirror. I think the hygienist on my last cleaning did get all the stains. I decided to work on cleaning it myself. Used baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, but I am quite surprised at the good results that I a having by brushing with food quality diatomaceous earth.

    1. Hi Liz, Doug’s techniques of using a stick really does clean the teeth well.

      I’ve also used charcoal to really get some stubborn stains out. I know, it looks gross when you are brushing – hah it is good fun to scare the kids with! But it works. There is a woman who makes a nice charcoal tooth brushing powder – Jessica Arman. I don’t have her website off the top f my head, but it is a good product.

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