​Congratulations and Thank You!

With your 7 Day Sugar Challenge you've taken the first step to

Your Best ​Health Ever!

You are creating a new life.

Check your inbox (and those spam boxes) for an email from me “Marjory Wildcraft” editor@thegrownetwork.com to be sure you are getting the free series. 

And one of the best ways to help you keep on track is to declare your intentions to everyone you know. 

Share this 7 Day Challenge with all your friends and family (and yes, I’ll be sending you some help on how to deal with family who aren’t doing this with you) 

Letting everyone know what you are doing will help to keep you accountable.  And it is way more fun to do this with a buddy from work, a friendly neighbor, or a family member. 

So do this now while you are thinking about it.  Share this with your networks and let them know you are doing the “7 Day Sugar Challenge”

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