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You’ll gain skills that will make you bulletproof.

People will be astonished at how calm you are under pressure. You’ll laugh at food inflation. Everyone will want to know you. And you’ll become one of those people who doesn’t eat GMO’s.

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People. This.
Is not rocket science.

How do I know? Because throughout human history people grew their own food, and made many of their own medicines. When there was no such thing as a supermarket or walk-in emergency clinics. Before electricity, typewriters, and automobiles. People had delicious fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat on their dinner tables every night, and knew how to take care of common ailments.

Your great grandmother did it.

And she didn’t have Google.

Step-By-Step Instructions
Customized interactive guidance

My program currently has 13+ in-depth certifications that take you step-by-step through the process of gardening, chickens, rabbits, greenhouses, making home medicines, growing medical marijuana, foraging and wildcrafting, goats, mushrooms, and a ton more.

I add at least 1 new certification every quarter.

The Grow Network is an online community of over 450,000 homesteaders, hippies, and preppers who have been living this lifestyle for decades.

You’ll get access to our huge online forum where we are online 24/7 answering questions, swapping jokes, bartering and trading, and having a ton of fun. When you get stuck . . . don’t worry we are here. We’ve been through this before and know all the pitfalls.

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