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“50 Shades Of Blue: Natural Remedies For Our Daily Angst And Anxiety

“What is the unique shade of your angst and anxieties?"

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Join me for a special replay of “50 Shades of Blue: Natural Remedies For Our Daily Angst And Anxiety” with Debra Swanson.

This highly rated presentation from Debra Swanson is back for a limited time!

Debra goes in-depth on herbs and homeopathy options that can become the foundation of your emotional well-being first aid kit.

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Debra Sawnson
Dancing Willow Herbs

  • What is the unique shade of your angst and anxieties? – Discover effective, at home remedies that will calm your stresses, and provide natural emotional well-being.
  • Learn the herbs and homeopathy options available, and how to best fit them to specific Symptom Pictures.
  • Discover the best methods to support yourself during times of high stress. - With tools you can take anywhere!
  • Meet the fabulous plant allies that are a safe and effective alternative to prescription medications.

We all have our unique life history that has led us to the present and we all have our own unique way of how we deal with our particular quality of stress, anxiety and depression.

Debra beautifully illustrates the benefits of a holistic, herbal medicine approach as she moves through each detailed slide of helpful herbs.

Her hands-on, easily digestible presentation is perfect for both the lay person and experienced herbalist. After watching, you’ll know how to create a Symptom Picture, allowing you to effectively choose herbal medicines to match stress “shades” and support your emotional health.

Debra's video originally aired during the 2018 Spring Home Medicine Summit and we rarely offer these presentations for free after the Summits are over . . . but, the information Debra shares is needed by so many people . . . I have decided to make an exception.

So, I'm making the full interview available for FREE during your personal 72 hour showing. Once you register, you will have 72 hours to watch it online, and completely free.

"75% of surveyed adults said they are moderately to severely stressed . . . Sadly, 35% of middle and high school students also say that they are moderately to severely stressed."

Now, that's a big wake-up call!

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