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Marjory Wildcraft is an Expedition Leader and Bioneer Blogger with The [Grow] Network, which is an online community that recognizes the wisdom of "homegrown food on every table." Marjory has been featured as an expert on sustainable living by National Geographic, she is a speaker at Mother Earth News fairs, and is a returning guest on Coast to Coast AM. She is an author of several books, but is best known for her "Grow Your Own Groceries" video series, which is used by more than 300,000 homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

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  • Crystal Moore

    What kind of salt is best iodized or sea?

  • Crystal Moore

    There is no links for this weeks how to video’s.

    • Crystal..we’re waiting on something..they’ll be there soon..I promise!

    • Hi
      Crystal, I am still checking in with Nicole on what she recommends. there is a ton of how to out there, and companies offering pre-made colloidal silver, I just don’t know what is good or not. We are working on it.

  • Crystal Moore

    I have 6 children and herbal medicine is what I have come to realize is the best for them…. however, is there some thing all of us parents can due to get our children to take the medicine? Will adding sugar make the effects be lesser or no effect?

  • Crystal Moore

    Good Sunday Morning!!
    Two things on my mind today…. first, drying herds, what is the best way to dry them for storage? Second, as you are talking about infections in the head, what can one do for seasonal allergies?

    • Hi Crystal,

      I’ve met different herbalists with varying opinions on drying herbs. Doug Simons for example recommends putting them in the sun on a sheet or blanket to dry out in the sun. Doug is in Southern New Mexico where it is normally hot and dry and the herbs would be dried in a day or less.

      I use two methods. When it is summertime (and mostly dry and warm) I simply hang my herbs in a bunch and let them air dry in a shady spot (usually my porch). I also built a solar food dehydrator – and I’ll post up a link for how to make a very simple one out of a cardboard box. You can use an electric food dehydrator too.

      With either method you want the herbs to be dried enough to be ‘crinkly’. Moisture in them will make them rot when it storage.

      I simply put them in a clean dray jar – and this is important – with a label saying what it is and the date. Make sure you put thj4 label on the jar – not the lid. Don’t know why, but lids seems to move around too freely…

      Seasonal allergies. A nasal rinse as Nicole suggests helps relive the inflammation, and helps open and clean the sinuses. I also use a variety of herbal anti-biotics internally to reduce the possibility of infections (especially with the mucus that often forms which can be a breeding ground). Garlic, echinaisa, etc. And I’ll get Nicole’s personal answer!

  • Crystal Moore

    just wondering…at the end it reads the next section will be a surprize. did i miss it?

  • Crystal Moore

    I am just wondering my quiz results from the course?

  • Emma Harner

    I am disappointed It has been 2 weeks and no links for the last session yet! Please unsubscribe me I am not feeling this is worth the money. Thanks

  • Adele Emerson

    Just completed module 8.- Love all the course’s and felt I learned a lot. After completed the last 4 modules I didn’t receive the correct answers after completing the quiz’s. So hopefully got them right:)Anxious to get my certificate of completion. how does that come through email or snail mail? thanks again for all the informing course’s. looking forward to more

    • Hi Adle,

      We are wokring on that – the getting you the certificate part.

      Nicoel class is a good one! There should be a place to rate the class overall and leave comments… Did you find that?

      • Adele Emerson

        Marjory, No I did see anywhere to rate Nicole’s class. But all and all I think it was great and very formative. took lots of notes and now have to go back and study them.:) thanks again for the class’s.

  • Adele Emerson

    No, did not find a place to rate the class

    • I will get that fixed. Having an overall rating and a place for comments is extremely useful for others who follow.

  • Sasha Lewis

    I have really enjoyed these classes!! And have learned a lot!
    Have already put some things into practice! Thank you!

  • Debra Goldman

    I enjoyed you on Summer of Survival tonight. I’ve been subscribed to your emails for a long time now, but I finally signed up. I’m learning a lot from the herbal videos, but I’m not seeing the quizzes. Is that because I’m on my iPad? I like that the modules are done by different people. It keeps it interesting to listen to the varying styles of teaching.

  • Dianne Propernick

    Calendula is Marigold, also per Wikipedia: “Limited evidence indicates Calendula cream or ointment is effective in treating radiation dermatitis.[11][12] Topical application of C. officinalis ointment has helped to prevent dermatitis, pain, and missed radiation treatments in randomized trials.[10]”

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