Grow: The Book (#10) Community And Friendship, With a Side of Sauce


Good community gives life and wealth. In fact, when it comes to living a long, healthy life, some research counts community and friendship as more valuable than eating your veggies!

“Give me an hour.”

When I got the call asking whether I could find a use for a trailerful of vine-ripened organic tomatoes, that was my reply.

Once I hung up the phone, I picked it right back up again. I knew exactly who to call.

By the time that trailer pulled up, three families (including mine) were standing at the ready, armed with a slew of canning supplies.

Together, in one day, we processed that whole load of tomatoes. And each family went away with better than three dozen quart jars of thick, rich tomato sauce.

Honestly, though, the best thing about that day wasn’t the sauce.

It was the stories we told …

… The laughing we did …

… The turns we took cutting the tomatoes and holding the baby.

In a word, it was the community and friendship

And that’s the theme of my next few video chapters of Grow: All True Wealth Comes From the Ground.

In it, I reveal:

  • How Good Is Your Community? 4 Ways To Find Out
  • Why The Ideal Of The “Lone Survivor” Is A TOTAL Myth
  • Tempted To Isolate Yourself In A Survival Situation? Answer This Question FIRST!

Did you miss last week’s chapter of GROW? Click here to see it.

Then, let me know…

What’s your favorite way to develop community?

How has being part of a community enriched your life?

Give us your thoughts in the comments below.


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Marjory Wildcraft


Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of The [Grow] Network, which is an online community that recognizes the wisdom of "homegrown food on every table." Marjory has been featured as an expert on sustainable living by National Geographic. She is a speaker at Mother Earth News fairs and a returning guest on Coast to Coast AM. She is the author of several books, but is best-known for her "Grow Your Own Groceries" video series, which is used by more than 300,000 homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

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